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Transitioning to EEE+ Canvas

During the 2015-2016 academic year, the UC Irvine campus opted to adopt the Instructure Canvas learning management system. We are in the midst of a multi-year transition, developing an extended ecosystem of instructional tools centered around Canvas with integrated homegrown and third-party services expanding upon Canvas functionality.

We are carefully assessing each tool in EEE Legacy and engaging with the campus to determine how to best transition users from EEE to the new EEE+ Canvas platform (or to other tools, as appropriate). Further information about this, including timelines, is available below, as well as on the EEE+ Canvas Information Site.

EEE Legacy Tool Canvas Equivalent Future for Instructional Use Transition Status
AdvancedWebspace Pages, Files Transition to Pages or Files in EEE+ Canvas Pending
Announcements Announcements Transition to Announcements in EEE+ Canvas Pending
Assistants -- Development of custom people management tool Pending
Calendar Calendar Transition to Calendar in EEE+ Canvas Pending
Chat Chat Transition to Chat in EEE+ Canvas Pending
ClassMail Manager Conversations/Inbox Combination of transition to Conversations in EEE+ Canvas & custom development Pending
Counter Analytics Transition to Analytics in EEE+ Canvas Pending
DropBox Assignments, Files Transition to Assignments or Files in EEE+ Canvas Pending
EasyWebsite Pages, Files Transition to Pages or Files in EEE+ Canvas Pending
EaterEvals -- Custom tool already developed & available Launched
Evaluations (unofficial, mid-quarter) -- Development of custom evaluations tool In pilot
Evaluations (official, final) -- Development of custom final evaluations tool In research
GradeBook Grades Transition to Grades in EEE+ Canvas Pending
GrandCentral -- Custom course space management tool already developed Launched
MessageBoard Discussions Transition to Discussions in EEE+ Canvas Pending
Planner Calendar Transition to Calendar in EEE+ Canvas Pending
Quiz Quiz Transition to Quiz in EEE+ Canvas In progress
Replay Publisher External Links within Modules and Pages Transition to Modules or Pages in EEE+ Canvas Pending
RoomFinder -- Transition to interactive campus map Pending
Rosters People Transition to People in EEE+ Canvas Pending
SignupSheet Scheduler Transition to Scheduler EEE+ Canvas Pending
Survey Quiz Transition to Quiz in EEE+ Canvas In research
WebsiteCopier Course Copier Transition to Course Copier in EEE+ Canvas Pending
WebsiteLinker -- Development of custom linking tool Pending
WebsiteManager Modules, Pages, and Files Transition to Modules, Pages, or Files EEE+ Canvas Pending
Workshops -- Transition to new instructional training site In progress