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About EEE

About Us

Providing resources to support the effective use of information technology in teaching and learning at UCI.

What is EEE?

The Electronic Educational Environment is UCI's home-grown online course management system. EEE offers a variety of tools to enhance learning and manage course administration.

To learn about the full EEE toolset, visit our Getting Started Guide

The EEE Collaboration

EEE is a collaborative effort that brings together five units from across campus to make educational technology available and effective at UCI.

The EEE Web Team

The EEE tools are designed, built, maintained, and supported by the EEE Web Team (part of OIT).

Briandy Walden
Strategic Planning & Initiatives

Kelsey Layos
Project & Team Management

Ray Vadnais
User Experience Design

Su Wang
Software Development

Jeremy Thacker
Software Development

Brian Payne
Software Development

Caryn Neiswender
Instructional Technology Support

Vanessa Yieh
Support & Quality Assurance

The EEE Web Team also includes UCI undergraduate student staff members.

Kyle Koenig
QA & Web Content
Computer Science

Elena Cuevas-Cobo
Software Development
Engineering Management (MS)

Want to join the EEE team? To find out if we have open positions, visit our jobs page.

Learn More

To learn more about EEE's growth and change over time, visit EEE History »