Teaching Digital Rhetoric

Elizabeth Losh

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24/7 a DIY Video Summit at USC

Presentations at TechnoExpo 2008 at UC Irvine

Internet Practices and Metaphors of Criminality: CyberSafety and CyberSecurity

The Myth of the Digital Generation

Siva Vaidhyanathan weighs in here

Mark Marino responds to Michael Wesch

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Pitching a Course:

A Tale of Two Students: James Kotecki vs. Aleksey Vayner

A Tale of Two Kinds of Professors: Professors on YouTube vs. The Stoned Professor

Making Your Social Networks Visible But Not Your Personal Life

Faculty Blogging Panel

The Course

Themes of Life Hacking - Michel de Certeau on "strategies" vs. "tactics"

Not the digital generation Putting Your Inner Child Through College

Still blogging Afishionado

Beyond Montage: Database Aesthetics

Amateur and Self-Portraits

Remixing Text: Student Samples

Remixing Video: Student Samples

Some tools: MPEG Streamclip, Audacity, CamStudio, Zotero, etc.

vividness and interactivity matrix

Students go to Second Life

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