You too can be famous! (But maybe you don't want to be)

Who am I? This person and this one too!

What is digital rhetoric?

A tale of two college students
James Kotecki's material:
How he got started
What did he do right?
His visit to my class
And Alexsey Vayner's disastrous video resume:
A parody of it is here:
What did he do wrong?
Yesterday's LA Times piece from the IvyGate team

My Students' Blogs
Still Blogging here at Afishionado

Academic blogging: analysis, testimony, and commentary

Virtualpolitik and communities of bloggers
No, really, what do you think? Balancing identities.
Abandoned blogs: the other Liz Losh
Writing practices: the drafts folder, trolling for stories, etc.
Correcting, editing, retracting, and backtracking.
Boring stuff is important too: conferences, talks, book reviews, etc.

Figuring out your audience

Googling your blog
Google analytics
The Chronicle of Higher Education about cheating via YouTube and an HCI colleague
RSS feeds
Facebook notes
Numbers aren't everything: Aim for a few good readers

Making it Easy for Your Readers: Metadata and Information Design

In praise of ugliness
Anatomy of a blog: LINKS, BLOGROLLS, TAGS, and TITLES (this is a rule I break)
"CLASSIC" POSTINGS - Redundancy is not a bad thing
Principles for posting:

Blogs and Journalism

Speaking of the LA Times
And still more on the LA Times