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Humanities Core Course and WR 39C

The following exercises will give you guided practice in developing the researching, reading, and writing skills that are increasingly necessary for success, not only in college, but also in the world beyond our campus. They have been designed to help you succeed in your UCI freshman composition courses, but they are also intended to help you become a more thoughtful, independent person who can find information and exercise wise judgment about it on your own outside the classroom.

Remember to print out each web page after you have filled in your answers in the input windows, so that you will have a record of your work to turn in to your section leader.

  1. Distinguishing between Primary and Secondary Sources
  2. - UC Berkeley's Library Research Using Primary Sources
  3. Cataloguing and Retrieving Information on the World Wide Web
  4. Working with Secondary Sources
  5. - Articles and Student Papers about Christopher Columbus
  6. Working with Logical and Grammatical Subordination
  7. - Position Papers on Cabeza de Vaca
  8. Evaluating the Logic of Arguments on the Internet
  9. - Arguments about Human Sacrifice and Cannibalism in Pre-Columbian America
  10. Working with Voice, Style, Syntax, and Detail
  11. - Historical Accounts of the Pequot War
  12. Defining Terms and Using a Search Engine
  13. Analyzing Print and Electronic Sources
  14. Evaluating Electronic Sources
  15. Mapping the Journey: Evaluating the Research Process
  16. - Early Modern Map Resources on the World Wide Web
  17. Recognizing When and How to Paraphrase a Research Source

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