A Logical Fallacies Quiz/Worksheet
By Chris Noble

General Fallacies

1.  "America: love it or leave it." [False Dilemma]

2. "Since scientists cannot prove that global warming will occur, it probably won't." [Argument from Ignorance]

3. "If we pass laws against fully automatic weapons, then it won't be  long before we pass laws on all weapons, and then we will begin to restrict other rights, and finally we will end up living in a communist state. Thus, we should not ban fully automatic weapons." [Slippery Slope]

4. "Government is like business, so just as business must be sensitive primarily to the bottom line, so also must government." [Questionable Analogy]

5. "A book is pornographic if and only if it contains pornography."  [Circular Definition]
6. "We should not believe President Clinton when he claims not to have had sex with Monica Lewinsky.  After all, he's a liar." [Begging the Question, and a good example of how faulty reasoning can lead to true conclusions. :)]

7. "Fred, the Australian, stole my wallet. Thus, all Australians are thieves." [Hasty Generalization]

8. "Satanist Quarterly reports that 87% of Americans are atheists.  Therefore, there is no god." [Argument from Biased Authority and Argument from Popularity]
Causal Fallacies

9. "Immigration to California from Mexico increased. Soon after, the welfare rolls increased. Therefore, the increased immigration caused the increase in welfare rolls."  [Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc or Coincidental Correlation]
10. "You have a fever and this is causing you to break out in spots."  [Joint Effect]

11. "By leaving your oven on overnight you are contributing to global warming." [Insignificant Cause]

12. "Protesting against racial injustice only causes more of it to occur." [Confusing Cause and Effect]

13. "The car accident would not have occurred if the parking meter had not gotten in the way." [Complex Cause (of which only a part is mentioned)]

14. "If the mill were polluting the river then we would see an increase in fish deaths.  And fish deaths have increased.  Thus, the mill is polluting the river." [Affirming the Consequent]

15. "If you get hit by a car when you are six then you will die young.   But you were not hit by a car when you were six.  Thus you will not die young." [Denying the Antecedent]