Thanks to the Core Course Instructional Web Page Authors


Jennifer Bajorek (In-Class Exercise and Dictionary Quiz)
Pete Catapano (Glossary of Film Terms)
William Etter (In-Class Exercise)
Stephen Felder (Logical Fallacies Quiz)
Vivian Folkenflik (Peer Editing Sheet, Quiz on Mechanical Errors, In-Class Exercises, and Teaching Suggestions)
Ora Gelley (Glossaries for Freudian terms, narrative devices, and film techniques)
Peter Goldman (Fallacies Quiz)
Chuck Hammond (Quizzes)
Gail Hart (In-Class Exercise)
Patti Hartz  (Suggestions for Teaching and In-Class Exercise)
Adrienne Hurley (In-Class Exercises)
Michael Householder (Peer Editing Sheet and In-Class Exercise)
Chris Kuipers (Suggestions for Teaching)
Francesca Santoro L'hoir (In-Class Exercises)
Paul Livingston (In-Class Exercise)
Eileen Luhr (In-Class Exercise)
Jon Mochizuki (Quiz)
Chris Noble (In-Class Exercise, Fallacies Quiz)
Helen Oesterheld (In-Class Exercises)
John Savage (In-Class Exercise)
Sharlene Sayegh (In-Class Exercise)
Tim Schoettle (Suggestions for Teaching and In-Class Exercise)
Jonathan Singer (In-Class Exercise and Web Template)
Jim Steintrager (In-Class Exercise)
Ann Van Sant (Suggestions for Teaching and In-Class Exercise)
Eva Wessell (In-Class Exercise)
Jennifer Hardy Williams (In-Class Exercise)


Betsy Bauman-Martin (material about history and prehistory)
Bob Blackman (in-class exercise)
Carrie Etter (in-class exercise)
William Etter (in-class exercises)
Erin Ferris (peer editing sheets)
Andrea Fishman (suggestions for teaching: background on the Odyssey)
Giovanna Fogli (peer editing)
Vivian Folkenflik (suggestions for teaching and in-class exercises)
Ora Gelley (question exercises)
Peter Goldman (in-class exercise)
Rachel Greenwald (suggestions for teaching and background on Journey to the West)
Colleen Hamilton (peer editing exercise)
Charles Hammond (quiz)
Susan Hecht (suggestions for teaching irony)
Michael Householder (suggestions for teaching: especially "Journey to the West Goes Hollywood," "The Silent Debate," and materials on
CEW and revision)
Adrienne Hurley (suggestions for teaching: background on Journey to the West)
Eileen Luhr (in-class exercise)
Julia Lupton (background sheet on The Odyssey and suggestions for teaching)
Michele Mason (background information and a sample essay)
Jon Mochizuki (suggestions for teaching)
Robert Moeller (suggestions for teaching)
Sheila Murphy (suggestions for teaching with visual media)
Richard Nester (sample essay)
Carrie Noland (counterargument suggestions for teaching)
Laura O'Connor (suggestions for teaching)
Antoine Phillipe (material about history and prehistory)
Tison Pugh (glossaries)
Hugh Roberts (counterargument suggestions for teaching)
Francesca Santoro L'hoir (in-class exercises on classical sources and composition)
Sharlene Sayegh (in-class exercise)
John Savage (suggestions for teaching The Tempest)
Timothy Schoettle (in-class exercise)
Jonathan Singer (handouts, questions, and peer editing sheets)
Richard Van Oort (suggestions for teaching)
Ramon Cornejo Veloso (in-class exercise and material about history and prehistory)
Eva Wessell (HCC timeline, suggestions for teaching, and in-class exercise)
Elizabeth Wiatr (peer editing sheet)
Hu Ying (background sheet on Journey to the West and suggestions for teaching)


Elizabeth Allen (in-class exercises, suggestions for teaching, and handouts on the annotated bibliography and the prospectus)
Bob Blackman (in-class exercises and sample e-mail)
Carolyn Boyd (background information and in-class exercises)
Alex Burkin (suggestions for teaching)
Pete Catapano (causal analysis worksheet)
Michael Clark (in-class exercises and suggestions for teaching)
Carrie Etter (in-class exercise)
Bill Etter (in-class exercise)
Erin Ferris (in-class exercise and peer editing sheets)
Vivian Folkenflik (in-class exercises, close reading reviews, evaluating sources handouts, peer editing sheet, and suggestions for teaching)
Ora Gelley (in-class discussion questions and suggestions for teaching)
Rachel Greenwald (sample prospectus, suggestions for teaching, and citation handout)
Peter Goldman (in-class exercises)
Patricia Hartz (in-class exercises and evaluating sources handouts)
Susan Hecht (in-class exercise)
Michael Householder (peer editing sheet)
David Kay (questions for in-class exercise)
Michele Mason (in-class exercises)
Sheila Murphy (suggestions for teaching and in-class exercise)
Richard Nester (web pages for students)
Helen Oesterheld (in-class exercise)
Antoine Phillipe (correction symbols handout)
Sharlene Sayegh (in-class exercises)
Timothy Schoettle (in-class exercise)
Annette Schlichter (in-class exercises)
Jacobo Sefami (in-class translation exercise)
Gina Shaffer (in-class exercises and grammar quiz)
Jonathan Singer (model web pages)
David Smith (suggestions for teaching and models for philosophical discourse)
Ellen Strenski (in-class exercise)
Steven Topik (background information and suggestions for teaching)
Ramon Cornejo Veloso (handouts, bibliographies of secondary sources, and suggestions for teaching)
Eva Wessell (timeline and glossary, suggestions for teaching, and causal analysis template)