Teaching Social Media

Elizabeth Losh

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24/7 a DIY Video Summit at USC

The Myth of the Digital Generation

Siva Vaidhyanathan weighs in here

Mark Marino responds to Michael Wesch

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Pitching a Course:

A Tale of Two Students: James Kotecki vs. Aleksey Vayner

A Tale of Two Kinds of Professors: Professors on YouTube vs. The Stoned Professor

Making Your Social Networks Visible But Not Your Personal Life

Faculty Blogging Panel

The Course

Questions about proprietary software

Starting with Facebook

Themes of Life Hacking - Michel de Certeau on "strategies" vs. "tactics"

Not the digital generation Putting Your Inner Child Through College

Still blogging Afishionado

Beyond Montage: Database Aesthetics

Amateur and Self-Portraits

Remixing Text: Student Samples

Remixing Video: Student Samples

Some tools: MPEG Streamclip, Audacity, CamStudio, Zotero, etc.

Themes of Translation

vividness and interactivity matrix

Students go to Second Life

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