The Rhetoric of Memorial

A Brief Word From The Authoress:
While initially turned off to the once novel, now somewhat trite concept of creating memorials to the victims of September 11, my personal attempts at understanding and communicating my own feelings on the subject have led me back to the very kinds of sites of which I am a skeptic.  In further exploring these sites, I have found a few of merit which I believe express the idea of "memorial rhetoric" I will attempt to convey.  I invite you to speculate on the following thesis as you explore the page.  I have also included a section on donations and funds, if you are inclined to participate in memorializing September 11 through scholarship efforts.
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    "Memorial rhetoric," as I term it on this page, is unique in that its argument is undefined.  While its message may be cloudy or subject to the interpretation of its audience, this particular branch of oratory utilizes the basic rhetorical elements of ethos, logos, and pathos, within a distinct kairos, to convey itself.  Memorial rhetoric seeks not merely to express a sense of loss, grief, or attempt at remembrance, but rather to serve its speaker as well; this type of rhetorical appeal attempts to provide the speaker with a kind of closure, or sense of completion, independent of the reaction of his or her audience.  While the judicial, deliberative, and epideictic branches of oratory are characterized by a distinct purpose and argument, the rhetoric of memorial is, as of yet, undefined.  Following are links to secondary sources whose contents explore the rhetoric of memorial.

Memorials To Individuals:
American Memorial Page
Remember: A Digital Monument

National Memorials: "A Tribute In Light"
Sept. 11 Commemorative Stamp
Six-Month Anniversary Ceremonies
National Patriot Day Legislation

How You Can Be Proactive -- Donations & Funds:
American Red Cross Donation Site
CIA Scholarship Funds
Gay & Lesbian Funds
University of Maryland Scholarship Fund
The American Legion Scholarship Fund

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