Documents Collected by the Class

Michelle Hofer

I would like to talk about the recent anti-drug campaign that is modeled
like a mastercard commercial (boat rental: $15/hr fishing rods:$40 bonding
time:priceless). This commercial implies that when people spend money on
drugs here in the US, they are in turn supplying money for terrorists. The
rhetoric used is very powerful and toys with the audiences expectations of
what commercials of this kind are about. I have been looking for an online
version of this commercial and found it at:
it is under the "ak-47" tv commercial

I have also found news articles about it. Here is a link to one of these

Emily Mullen

I was wondering if it would be alright if instead of using an
article from a foreign paper if I used one originally from the Christian
Science Monitor. I would like to use this article because it talks about
how politicians are trying to gain support for the possible war with
Iraq by trying to connect Osama bin laden with Iraq although no relevant
connections have been found, as well as other issues with rhetoric
designed prepare support for war.

Chrissy Ikeda-Yano

For our final class meeting, I have chosen the topic of how the
families of the victims of September 11th are being helped.  For the
first part of my assignment, I have found an article on the NY Times
titled “US May Approve More Aid for Kin of September 11th Dead.”
        For the second part of this assignment, I found an article in a
Scottish newspaper (The Scotsman).  It is about a Scottish private
school offering scholarships to the children of the September 11th
victims.  This article can be found at:
(the website should be on one continuous line; however, it did not
        For the last section of the assignment, I found a bill (H.R. 3665.)
This bill, which was introduced and referred to the House committee on
1/29/02, focuses on providing financial compensation for the families of
the September 11th victims.  Here is the website:

Martin Vega

--President Bush's State of the Union address, including:
        -ABCnews article
        -full text (video also available at
        -BBC analysis from

--Arab News (Saudi Arabia paper) article on Cheney's visit to the Middle

--The Patriot Day Bill, web address:

Valerie Terrell

I will be discussing the Saudi peace plan that was recently announced,
outlining a desire for peace between Israel and Palestine.

My first document comes from  It is an article discussing
the plan and the interest surrounding the plan.

My second document is a newspaper called the Palestinian Times, which is a
monthly paper.  I was unable to determine whether it was exclusively an
on-line newspaper or if it was available in print as well.  Either way, my
article is called "Saudi Arabian Peace Plan is naive: Don't reward Sharon's
fanaticism with a peace he will exploit" and can be found at
in the March 2002 issue.

And my piece of legislation is H. CON. RES. 225, the bill that asks every US
citizen to display the flag.

Joy Powers

1.  a summary of a selection of articles on the "prisoners" being held in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (My information is a series of articles going through Feb. 25, and I just did a search, but there is no new information I could find in the NY Times, but here is an update from the LA Times:
2. (factual information )and (an interesting editorial on the US' supposed desire to use torture to extract information from supposed terrorists)
3. and (two bills concerning flags)

Erin Stevens
news article:
international paper

Lindsey Carter

1) (from ny times online)
2) (from The Daily Telegraph, London)