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General Technology Issues

Help! My computer has a virus!

If you believe your computer is infected with a virus, please contact the OIT Help Desk.

Computing security and safety

If you are concerned about email "phishing" scams and other security issues, please visit the Safe Computing website or contact the OIT Help Desk.

Learn about on-campus computer lab information

Various computer labs are available on-campus, some operated by individual departments and some by OIT. Some labs are available for walk-in use, while others require reservation.

Additional labs, services, or equipment may be available to your from your department or school. Contact your department or school directly for more information.

Activate UCInetID or recover a password

UCInetIDs are provided to UCI applicants, students, staff, and faculty automatically. Before you can use your UCInetID, you must visit the OIT website to activate it and choose a password. If you forget your password, you can recover it through the OIT website by answering your security question, or you can contact the OIT Help Desk for assistance.

Change UCInetID and/or password

Changing your UCInetID:

Under some circumstances, UCInetIDs may be changed free of charge.

Valid reasons for a free UCInetID change include:

  • Legal name change
  • Data processing errors
  • Hardship cases
  • First-time requests from faculty, staff, and graduate students

In other cases, undergraduate students can request a UCInetID change for a $25 fee.

Changing your UCInetID password:

It is a good idea to periodically change all of your passwords in order to protect your accounts' security.

Before selecting a password, please see OIT: Good Password Guidelines.

Set up UCI email

UCI email can be checked via the UCI Gmail interface, UCI Webmail website, or through other software. Instructions for setting up UCI email are available on the OIT website. By default, as of Fall 2012, new users are only provided UCI Gmail accounts. Instructions for changing your delivery point are on the OIT website. For further assistance, contact the OIT Help Desk.

Learn about email quotas

UCI email accounts have a quota capping the maximum disk space available for saved messages and other content. If you are close to exceeding your quota, you should receive an email warning. If you have already exceeded your quota, you will be unable to receive new messages until you free up space or request additional space, which can be made available in limited circumstances. For further assistance, contact the OIT Help Desk.

This only applies to UCI's Webmail service and not UCI Gmail. UCI Gmail has a separate quota system.

Open/save Zip files

A Zip file can be used to compress one or more files, reducing the total file size. Zip files can be used in several EEE tools, so EEE provides a general (by no means comprehensive) Help & How-to guide.

Learn about i>clickers

The i>clicker Audience Response System allows instructors to instantaneously gather responses to in-class questions from large numbers of students via each student's wireless transmitter.

Learn about Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

If you need to connect to campus-restricted resources from off-campus, Virtual Private Network (VPN) may be the solution for you. VPN allows you to connect to on-campus-only resources such as the JSTOR Scholarly Article Archive or restricted class websites from off-campus by encrypting the information you are sending over the network, which also protects your data.

Learn about Turnitin.com

Turnitin.com is a web-based plagiarism prevention and detection tool. Student work is checked against a database for any matches between submitted papers and any internet content or previously submitted work. If you are an instructor considering using Turnitin, contact your department for instructions on setting up an account for your class.

Turnitin.com is not affiliated with or integrated into the EEE website; please refer to departmental contact info for more information (see below)

Learn about Smart Classrooms

Smart Classrooms are equipped with standard resources including a PC and monitor, laptop audio/video/network cables, a VHS/DVD deck, a ceiling projector and other media equipment for instructional use. SmartClassrooms are supported by Classroom Technology Support.


UCI wireless network issues

UCI offers mobile Internet access across many locations on campus. UCInet Mobile Access provides UCI affiliates and visitors a fast and convenient way to connect to the web with mobile computers and devices. UCInet Mobile Access also includes wired network connections for instructors using mobile computers in the Smart Classrooms.

To use the UCInet Mobile Access network, you will need to register your computer or mobile device. We now offer Visitor Express Registration in all locations on campus. For further assistance, contact the OIT Help Desk.

AV/CV/Mesa Court/Middle Earth issues

If you live in Arroyo Vista, Campus Village, Mesa Court, or Middle Earth, your internet service is provided by Residential Network Services.


If you live in Vista del Campo, Vista del Campo Norte, Camino del Sol, or Puerta Del Sol, your Internet service is provided by American Campus Communities (not UCI).


View course catalogues

You can find course information in the general catalogue each year, or in the Registrar's Schedule of Classes.

Enroll in classes

Class enrollment for the general school year (Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters) is handled through the University Registrar's WebReg system. For general enrollment assistant, contact the University Registrar.

Class enrollment for Summer is handled through UCI Summer Session. For summer enrollment assistance, contact UCI Summer Session.

Learn about enrollment windows

The University Registrar sets enrollment windows each quarter. To find out when enrollment windows will be announced, visit the Registrar's academic calendar information. To find out your enrollment window, check the Registrar's WebReg. For further assistance, contact the University Registrar.

You can find your enrollment window for Summer Session on the Summer Session Calendar.

Learn about add/drop/change of grade policy

Add/drop/change policies are available through the University Registrar and UCI Summer Session websites.

Missing classes

Instructor classes — added by the department

Department schedulers enter instructor information in the Electronic Schedule of Classes (ESOC).

There are several ways a department scheduler can list a person in ESOC and these different listings have limitations:

ESOC function # ESOC name Listing on EEE Can give others roster access? Can submit official grades?
1 Instructor of record Instructor Yes Yes
2 Teaching assistant Instructor No No
3 Faculty advisor Instructor Yes Yes
9 Administrator Instructor; name hidden on MyEEE No No

EEE automatically updates as soon as new ESOC data is received:

  • In Fall, Winter, and Spring, EEE regularly receives course information from the University Registrar and updates your courses.
    Due to high traffic, enrollment and course information changes may be delayed during peak hours (i.e. 10am-6pm).
  • In the Summer, UCI Summer Session sends the data and EEE updates once per night at approximately 4am

Assistant classes — usually added by the instructor, but may be added by the department

Instructors can add assistants and (optionally) limit their access to specific tools using EEE Assistants. Assistants are added on EEE immediately. If assistants are given Rosters access, they will also get access to the University Registrar's WebRoster within 24 hours.

Sometimes department schedulers add assistants as instructors in ESOC, which gives the assistants full access to all EEE tools.

Assistants' access to tools is only controlled through EEE by instructors, not by department schedulers.

Student Classes — sent to EEE from the University Registrar, the Division of Continuing Education, & UCI Summer Session

The University Registrar and UCI Summer Session send enrollment information directly to EEE.

Students can access EEE tools for officially enrolled classes. This does not include audited or wait-listed classes, though a list of wait-listed classes is shown for the first two weeks of Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters.

  • In Fall, Winter, and Spring, EEE regularly receives enrollment information from the University Registrar and updates your classes on MyEEE.
    Due to high traffic, enrollment and course info changes on EEE may be delayed during peak hours (i.e. 10 am-6pm).
  • In the Summer, UCI Summer Session sends the data and EEE updates once per night at approximately 4am; however, it can take several days after an enrollment change is submitted (even if you have a receipt) for Summer Session to make that change in the data and this means it may take several days for EEE and the Registrar to get Summer enrollment changes

Get final grades

Official, final grades are distributed via the University Registrar's Student Access.

Some instructors and assistants post interim grades through EEE GradeBook. Grades posted in GradeBook are not official.

Readmission to UC Irvine

Readmission to UC Irvine after graduation or other absence of one or more quarters is not guaranteed. Any former student wishing to return to UC Irvine must first file for readmission. For assistance, contact the University Registrar.

Find class locations with RoomFinder

You can use EEE's RoomFinder to find out where your classes are located. You can view a building map, photo, or both side by side. RoomFinder also has a complete index sorted by building number, building name, abbreviation or grid on main campus map. Instructors, assistants and students can access a "My Classes" tab and view their class locations for each day of the week.

You can access RoomFinder by clicking on the building and room number of your classes under the MyStudentClasses, MyAssistantClasses, or MyInstructorClasses module on your MyEEE page.

Build class websites

Instructors and authorized assistants can build or link a class website for any course they are teaching and which is offered through the University Registrar.

Find class websites

Instructors and authorized assistants can build or link a class website for any course they are teaching and which is offered through the University Registrar. Class websites are optional; some instructors and assistants build them, while others do not, so not every class will have an associated website.

Learn about final exams

The quarterly final exam schedule is maintained by the University Registrar. EEE synchronizes with the Registrar's Schedule of Classes to display final exam dates and times in EEE Calendar as well.

Learn about employee and student ID numbers

Employee ID Number

An employee ID number is assigned to each person employed by UCI. If you are an employee, you will need your employee ID number to activate your UCInetID, which allows you to access online services, such as EEE and UCI email.

Your employee ID number can be found on your staff ID card. You can also check with payroll personnel to get your employee ID number.

Student ID Number

A student ID number is assigned to each student at UCI. If you are a student, you will need your student ID number to activate your UCInetID, which allows you to access online services, such as EEE and UCI email.

Your student ID number can be found on your ID card. To obtain an ID card, visit The Hill (formerly the UCI Bookstore).

Your card serves as your source of identification on campus, and it is important to have it with you at all times. If you lose your card, get a replacement through The Hill.


EEE questions

EEE Help & How-to includes detailed step-by-step guides for each EEE tool from the instructor & TA, student, and staff perspective (where applicable), as well as documents on other popular topics.

If you have a question, idea, or other feedback, you can also contact the EEE team directly.

Registration & enrollment questions

For questions related to Fall, Winter, and Spring enrollment, contact the University Registrar.

For questions related to Summer enrollment, contact UCI Summer Session.

Technical help in my school or department

For technical questions related to a specific school or department, please contact your respective school or department.

Graduating with honors

Qualifications for graduating with honors vary by department.

For more information on graduating with honors, contact your department directly.