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General Information

About Macromedia Fireworks

Macromedia Fireworks is a widely used web graphics editing tool.

Fireworks allows you to manipulate images from other sources or to create graphics from scratch. Works for most file formats including GIF, JPG and PNG.

Tools include: drawing, painting, text for logos, cropping, scaling, changing darkness/brightness, changing color/hue and much more.

Manufacturer Information: Macromedia Fireworks

Access to Macromedia Dreamweaver Software


EEE Workshops

EEE offers free workshops to UCI faculty, lecturers and TAs every 3rd and 8th week of Fall, Winter and Spring quarters.

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  • Dreamweaver Forms
  • Capturing and Manipulating Images
  • Instructional Web Design

Web Tutorials

Resources available from UCI.

Resources located outside of UCI.
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Suggested Reading

The following are resources located outside of UCI.
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