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General Information


GradeBook allows students to view assignment scores quickly and securely online. Instructors and assistants can post any grades they wish using GradeBook and they can choose to include various supplemental information, such as basic statistics and graphs.

Most grades are "interim grades," meaning grades for papers, quizzes, tests and other assignments. Some instructors also choose to post final grades using GradeBook so that students can view their scores before official grades are posted on Student Access.

Grades posted on EEE are unofficial and do not directly impact academic records
Only the official, final grades submitted to the Registrar for courses in which you are enrolled will impact your academic record. Access official, final grades through the University Registrar's Student Access.

Ask your instructor to post grades via GradeBook

If you think a gradebook would be helpful in your class and you'd like to ask your instructor to build one, your can download, print, sign, and give this short letter to your instructor.

image of gradebook request letter

Download the gradebook request letter (pdf, 164 KB)

The website request letter tells your instructor:

  • Why a gradebook is helpful
  • How to get started quickly and easily
  • Where to find a step-by-step guide online
  • How to contact EEE support staff for assistance

Getting Your Grades

Access GradeBook

Accessing GradeBook through MyEEE:

  1. Sign in to EEE and go to your MyEEE page.
  2. Go to your "MyStudentClasses" module.
  3. Click Grades for the class in which you wish to view grades.
    mystudentclasses module gradebook link
You should now be in GradeBook

Accessing GradeBook through the ToolBox:

  1. Sign in to EEE and go to your MyEEE page.
  2. Click ToolBox from the navigation bar.
    Image of ToolBox
  3. Click GradeBook from the list of tools.
    image of gradebook link
You should now be in GradeBook.

Preview grade format

When you view your grades, the class name, assignment name, and the actual score will always be shown. Your instructor has the option of displaying additional information including assignment statistics and graphs.

Additional information that may optionally be displayed by the instructor:

  1. Alphabetic Equivalent — The alphabetic equivalent according to the scale shown below.
  2. Highest Possible Score — The highest possible score for the assignment.
  3. Note to Class — A note visible to the entire class.
  4. Note to Student — A note for individual students.
  5. Graph — A graph showing the class distribution.
  6. Statistic — Statistical information about the class scores.
  7. Grading Scale — The grading scale for the assignment.

Student view of grade summary

Obtain official, final grades

Official, final grades are managed by the University Registrar and posted each quarter via the University Registrar's Student Access.

Your instructor may optionally choose to use GradeBook to post your final grade for a class, but remember that any grades posted on EEE are not official.

Obtain a transcript

The University Registrar is the official keeper of student academic records and, upon request, provides official copies of UCI transcripts.

Unofficial transcripts are available through the University Registrar's Student Access.

Obtain Summer Session grades

Summer Session is handled by the Division of Continuing Education. Final grades for SummerSession classes are mailed to students at the end of the session and are also available online through the Unviversity Registrar's Student Access.

Obtain Access UCI/Division of Continuing Education grades

Access UCI is handled by the Division of Continuing Education. Final grades for classes taken as an Access UCI student are mailed to students at the end of the quarter.

Locate your official GPA and GPA calculator

The University Registrar provides GPA information and a GPA calculator thrugh Student Access.

Common Questions

Who do I contact if my grade is incorrect?

If you believe that there is an error in the grade that you have been issued, please contact your instructor directly.

Your instructor may review your grade in the GradeBook tool and make any appropriate adjustments.

Official grade changes can be requested through the University Registrar.

What does a grade of "--" mean?

An entry marked as "--" in EEE GradeBook signifies a blank grade. This means the instructor or assistant did not enter a grade for you before distributing the assignment.

There are a few reasons why an instructor or assistant may not enter a grade for an assignment:

  • Work may have been misplaced
  • Work may not have been submitted
  • Assignment grades may have been distributed before all the grades were entered
  • Errors may have occurred during grade transcription
  • Other, unforeseen circumstances

In all cases, please contact your instructor or assistant directly for more information.

How are total scores calculated?

Total scores are calculated based on the assignments that your instructor or TA has added to the GradeBook, including assignments with grades that may not have been distributed for students to view. There are many factors that may affect total score calculations including, but not limited to:

  • Weighted categories
  • Extra credit
  • Assignments that have not been distributed to students
  • Different grading scale
  • Manual grade adjustment

The total scores calculated in GradeBook are NOT necessarily the grades that instructors and TAs submit to the Registrar. Instructors and TAs have final discretion in what grades are submitted, so all questions and concerns concerning grades should be directed to the instructors or TAs.

The following are examples of possible situations in which the total score is different from the expected score.

Example 1

photo of calculations example 1

This student sees four assignments and a total score that the student believes should be higher. Although the student may think each of the four assignments are worth the same number of points, the "Final" is in a category that is worth more of the total score.

Example 2

photo of calculations example 2

This student sees a total score that may not exactly match the scores of the other visible assignments. There are two possible reasons for this: the instructor or TA made a manual grade adjustment, or there are assignment grades that have not been distributed to the student.

Who do I contact if I have problems getting my grades on EEE?

If you encounter a technical issue with EEE GradeBook, please contact the EEE team.

Not all classes will have GradeBook grades available.
Use of the GradeBook tool is at the discretion of individual instructors. Please contact your instructor directly if you would like to see this tool used in your class.

What if Student Access doesn't show my grades?

Student Access is maintained by the University Registrar. EEE does not have access to student grades on Student Access and cannot assist directly with any technical or support issues.

For further assistance, contact the University Registrar directly: (949) 824-6124 or registrar@uci.edu

Can I give access to my grades to someone else?

There is no way of giving access to your grades to others. Only you may view your own grades.

Your UCInetID is for your individual use only. You should not share your password with anybody else. If somebody else knows your UCInetID and password, they can redirect your electronic mail or access and abuse services under your name. Choose a secure password, and treat it as you would any other important piece of your identity information.


Why do I see grades for a class I'm not taking?

There are two reasons why you might see grades for a class in which you are not officially enrolled.

  1. An instructor or TA may have added you to the gradebook
    Instructors and TAs can manually add students to their gradebooks. This lets them record grades for auditors or other students who for some reason are not enrolled, but are participating in the course.
  2. An instructor or TA may have created a gradebook for a class you later dropped
    When you drop a class, you remain listed in any gradebooks that were created while you were enrolled. This is to preserve your records in case you re-add the class or the instructor needs to maintain your records for some other reason.
Don't worry — your academic records will not be impacted
EEE GradeBook is not an official record of your final grades and does not directly impact your academic record. Only official, final grades submitted to the Registrar can impact your academic record and the Registrar will only accept grades for you for courses in which you are officially enrolled.

If you're concerned, double-check your official enrollment via the Registrar's Student Access.

Also note — Instructors and TAs can manually remove un-enrolled students from their gradebooks at any time.

Why am I missing classes?

There are several reasons why classes may be missing. Some of the most common causes are listed below.

Common causes for missing classes:

  • You may be viewing a different quarter on EEE — Switch Quarters
  • Students: You may not be officially enrolled in the class — Student Access
  • Assistants: Your instructor may not have added you in Assistants — Learn More
  • Instructors: Your Department Scheduler may have not added you to the Registrar's Electronic Schedule of Classes (eSOC)

Use the Missing Classes look-up tool to check your status and receive trouble-shooting help.