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Use ClassMail Archives
Quick Start Primer Guide: Students

General Information


A class mail list allows instructors to send email to an entire class by using one email address. Optionally, the instructor may allow students to send messages to the class mail list as well.

Ask your instructor to use the class mail list

If you think the class mail list would be helpful in your class and you'd like to ask your instructor to use it, you can download, print, sign, and give this short letter to your instructor.

image of ClassMail list request letter

Download the class mail list request letter (pdf, 143 KB)

The website request letter tells your instructor:

  • Why the class mail list is helpful
  • How to get started quickly and easily
  • Where to find a step-by-step guide online
  • How to contact EEE support staff for assistance

Am I on the class mail list?

Depending on your status in a class you may be automatically added to the mail list. Check the table below to find out if you are automatically included in a mail list or view all your mail lists » (login required).

My status Am I on the list?
Instructor image of accept icon
Yes, you can send and receive list messages automatically!
If you do not want to receive copies of messages to your lists, you can suppress class Mail List emails.
EEE Assistant image of accept icon
Yes, you will receive list messages automatically!
The instructor controls whether or not you can also send messages to the list.
Enrolled image of accept icon
Yes, you will receive list messages automatically!
Be sure to check your @uci.edu email account and monitor your quota regularly, or change your delivery point if you would prefer to review all your email at a different address.
Waitlist image of delete icon
No, you're not on the list.
If the instructor is willing to, the instructor can manually add additional list members. You will be added automatically once you're officially enrolled.
Auditor, other image of delete icon
No, you're not on the list.
If the instructor is willing to, the instructor can manually add additional list members.
Note: When using Gmail through UCI Google Apps to view your UCI email, be aware that Gmail might automatically filter and archive any emails you send to maillists that include yourself. The message will appear in your inbox if someone responds to it or if there is an error delivering the message. If you'd like to view your message, you can find it in Sent Mail or All Mail.
More information from Google Support

What is a mail list archive?

Every email sent to a class mail list is saved in the mail list archive. You can access the mail list archive from your MyEEE page or from the Archive Index.

For privacy reasons, you can only view a class's mail list archive if you are enrolled in that class or if the instructor has manually added your @uci.edu address to the list.
Instructors and assistants may also choose to remove student access to mail list archives. If you find you are unable to access a class's mail list archive, contact the instructor or assistant directly for more information.


How do I get on a class mail list?

If you are officially enrolled in a class, you are automatically added to the mail list as soon as EEE receives your enrollment. Allow 2 hours for enrollment changes in Fall, Winter, and Spring; 24 hours for changes in Summer.

If you are sure that you are enrolled in a class and you still do not receive class email, please contact us.

You can verify your official enrollment through the Registrar's StudentAccess.

How do I send email to a class using the class mail list?

Students may send email to a class using the class mail list only if the instructor chooses to make the class mail list a "Discussion" list (which is not allowed by default). When you send an email, everyone enrolled will receive it.

If your class mail list is not a "Discussion" list, then the email will be rejected and will not be sent to anyone.

Instructors may choose to set up custom class mail list addresses, in which case they may also specify whether or not the default address still works.

If you're not sure about a class mail list's address or settings, talk to your instructor.

Quarter Codes:
f = Fall
w = Winter
s = Spring
y = Summer Session I
z = Summer Session II
m = Summer Session 10 Wks.

To send a class email to a default address:

[course code]-[letter for quarter][year]@classes.uci.edu



This would send email to the class with the course code of 99000 in the Winter Quarter of '02.

What is "netiquette"?

Just as you follow the rules of etiquette in face-to-face relations with others, when you communicate online you should follow the rules of online etiquette, often known as "netiquette."

The following are some general guidelines for participants in electronic class discussion lists:

  • Respect the fact that the class list is a closed discussion; do not forward mail from your classmates to others without their permission.
  • Debate is welcome, but be tactful in responding to others. Remember that there is a person (or a whole class) at the receiving end of your post.
  • If you want to get in touch with only one person in the class, send a message to that individual's email address, not to the entire discussion list.
  • If you are responding to a message from someone else, briefly summarize her or his post.
  • If you quote a previous post (by using the reply function in Outlook Express, for example), quote only enough to make your own point.
  • Make your paragraphs a bit shorter than usual - perhaps three sentences or so. This makes your message easier to read on the screen.
  • When speaking to someone in person, we use a variety of signals (such as body language and tone of voice) to let them know how to interpret our words. In email, we lack such signals and tone can be hard to judge. If you think your tone might be misinterpreted, let your readers know what it is. For instance, if you are making a joke, tell people "Joke" - or consider including a "smiley" :) .
  • Likewise, messages in all lowercase letters can be difficult to read. Instead, use normal capitalization and punctuation.

From Appendix D, A Student Guide to Writing at UCI, 9th edition, 2001

What email address does class email go to?

Class email goes to your official @uci.edu email address. If you would like to receive your @uci.edu email at another address, you may add a forwarding address (see below).

How do I forward email to my UCI address (@uci.edu) to a different email account?

If you would like to receive your @uci.edu email at another email address, you will need to change your delivery point. Once you change your delivery point, you will be able to receive all @uci.edu email through the new address.

Change your delivery point by updating your Electronic Phonebook entry. For more information, visit the Office of Information Technology (OIT) delivery point instructions.