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Mobile EEE

Use Mobile EEE

The mobile version of EEE provides mobile-friendly access to commonly used EEE tools on a variety of devices. In addition, you can tap 'Other UCI mobile sites' to view instruction-related websites that have been optimized for mobile devices.

Mobile Home

The home screen acts as a hub to the rest of the Mobile EEE's tools as well as some links to other UCI mobile sites.

My Tasks

'My Tasks' provides access to assignments to be completed on EEE (i.e. quizzes, dropbox, evaluations).

My Classes

'My Classes' provides a list of all the courses in which you are officially enrolled or teaching.

My Grades

'My Grades' allows you to view any grades distributed by your instructor or TA, along with any notes.

My Websites

You can tap on a class name in 'My Websites' to access the course website. Only classes with websites are listed.


'RoomFinder' makes it easy to find a building on campus through a simple search.

Contact Us

Have any questions or ideas to improve EEE? Use our mobile 'Contact Us' form to easily email EEE.