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EEE offers a variety of tools to assist you with class administration, communication, and teaching.

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Tools to use:
Learn more:
  • Get online help with EEE tools and other instructional technologies
  • Attend workshops for EEE tools and other instructional technologies
Manage class website(s):
  • Create, copy, or link class website(s)
  • Manage my class website(s) and website traffic
Manage enrollment and assistants:
  • View Access UCI enrollment for my classes
  • Go to the Registrar's roster tool
  • Add and manage my assistants' EEE tool abilities
Manage my class mail list(s):
  • Change settings for my mail list(s)
  • Add auxiliary members to my mail list(s)
  • Manage administrators for my mail list(s)
  • Create combined mail lists for cross-listed courses
  • Set up extra sending addresses for my class mail lists
  • Set up discussion lists to facilitate student-to-student communication
Let students choose:
  • Essay or presentation topics
  • Timeslots for meeting TAs
  • Partners for group work
Manage my schedule:
  • Schedule class events in my and my students' calendars
  • Save notes and reminders for myself
  • Manage my personal schedule
  • Print out a week-at-a-glance schedule
Communicate with my students:
  • Have real-time chats with my students online
  • Receive feedback from my students about my teaching performance
  • Create online forums in which my students can post
  • Create custom surveys and publish them for students, research groups, and general public.
Have online quizzes:
  • Create custom online quizzes
  • Assign quizzes for my students to take online
  • View and download student quiz results in a GradeBook-ready format
Distribute files and interim grades:
  • Exchange files securely with my students
  • Securely distribute interim grades online to my students
  • Download complete grades in a format compatible with the Registrar's WebGrades tool
  • Have exams scanned and upload secure, individual, electronic copies to each student
Get further assistance:
  • Find an EEE resource
  • Ask us a question