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General Information


The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulates the release of student information. It is very important that protected student information, such as grades, not be posted to public locations such as class websites or classroom/office doors, even if listed by ID number. If you are ever unsure of the legality of posting particular information, contact your school or department for more information, and remember that it is generally best to err on the side of caution!

If you wish to distribute interim grades electronically, you can do so securely and legally using EEE GradeBook or DropBox.

Complete instructions are available on GradeBook Help & How-to and DropBox Help & How-to.

For complete information on FERPA, please visit U.S. Department of Education: FERPA

For FERPA-related questions or concerns, please contact the University Registrar.

University Registrar

  • registrar@uci.edu
  • (949) 824-6124

FERPA and EEE: Dos and Don'ts

Distributing grades

Don't — Post grades on a classroom/office door

Why not?

Posting grades on a classroom/office door is not FERPA compliant, even if full or partial student ID numbers are used instead of names. Student grades should never be publicly accessible, or viewable by anyone other than the student.

Don't — Post grades on a class website

Why not?

Posting grades on a website is a lot like posting grades on a classroom/office door. Even if the website is password protected or restricted to enrolled students and even if the grades are posted as a downloadable file instead of directly on a web page, students still see each other's scores.

Do — Post interim grades online with EEE GradeBook


Posting grades with EEE GradeBook is secure and FERPA-compliant because students must login before seeing grades and each student can only view his or her own grades.

GradeBook has the added bonus of calculating final scores and offering a downloadable file compatible with the University Registrar's final grade reporting tool, WebGrades.

GradeBook | Help & How-to

Do — Post final grades online with the University Registrar's WebGrades


Final grades are submitted via the University Registrar's WebGrades. The University Registrar then makes final grades available to students through Student Access, which requires login and is FERPA-compliant.

WebGrades | Instructions for using WebGrades

Collecting & returning work

Don't — Collect assignments in an unattended mailbox

Why not?

Collecting assignments in an unattended mailbox is risky because students may see each other's work and assignments could potentially be tampered with or taken.

Don't — Leave stacks of assignments and have students find their own

Why not?

If students are asked to look through stacks of assignments to take their own, they may see each other's work or even take the wrong assignment.

Do — Collect and re-distribute assignments with EEE DropBox


Instructors can create "AssignmentSubmission" dropboxes. Students can only see their own uploaded work and only the instructor can download the submitted files. DropBox has the added bonus of a deadline feature, which prevents students from submitting late work.

Instructors can also create "AssignmentReturn" dropboxes. Only instructors can upload, and each student only sees his or her own returned work.

DropBox | Help & How-to