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General Information


This page provides abbreviated information about UCI policies and procedures that are relevant to users of EEE.

For comprehensive, up-to-date information, please see:

Academic Honesty

Faculty have primary responsibility for upholding and enforcing universitywide principles of academic honesty and integrity and explaining clearly these principles including any qualifications which may be operative in the classes they are teaching. Links to UCI's Academic Honesty Policy and resources for dealing with violations can be found at http://honesty.uci.edu.



The Official University Policies and Procedures document is UC Irvine's centralized location for campus and systemwide policy and delegation of authority information.

The document is maintained by the Administrative Policies Office:

Administrative Policies Office
(949) 824-8713

Excerpts from policies of particular relevance to EEE users are provided below with link to full policy text.

Sec. 714-15: Policy on Access to University Administrative Information Systems

Content includes:

  • Policies for access
  • Data privacy
  • User's responsibilities
  • Departmental responsibilities

Access to the University's administrative information systems is provided to those employees who have a demonstrated need for access to accomplish their job duties. Department heads designate a Departmental Security Administrator (DSA) who may grant access to administrative information systems for the organizational hierarchy (hierarchies) for which they are responsible.

Full policy: Dec. 714-15: Policy on Access to University Administrative Information Systems

Sec. 714-18: Computer and Network Use Policy

Content includes:

  • Computer/network misuse
  • Consequences of computer/network misuse

The University of California, Irvine (UCI) provides computing resources and worldwide network access to members of the UCI electronic community for legitimate academic and administrative pursuits to communicate, access knowledge, and retrieve and disseminate information. All members of the UCI community (faculty, staff, students, and authorized guests) sharing these resources also share the rights and responsibilities for their use.

For more information on computing policies and definitions of misuse, please see the full policy:
Sec. 714-18: Computer and Network Use Policy

Sec. 720-12: Student and Student Applicant Records - Guidelines

Content includes:

  • Notification of rights
  • Locations of major records
  • Complaints

Current students wishing to restrict release of address/phone information should do so through The University Registrar's StudentAccess. Current students wishing to restrict release of other public information, and former students, should contact the University Registrar, (949) 824-6124, for instructions on how to do so. Questions regarding the rights of students under the University policies and federal law should be directed to the University's Ombudsman, (949) 824-7256.

Full policy: Sec. 720-12: Student and Student Applicant Records - Guidelines

Sec. 800-15: UCI Guidelines for the UC Electronic Communications Policy

Content includes:

The UCI Electronic Communication Guidelines conform to the UC Electronic Communications Policy and build on other existing UC and UCI policies and guidelines whenever possible. No single set of guidelines can address all issues arising out of the use of electronic communication services. As a general guide, electronic forms of communication are subject to the same local (academic department or administrative unit) standards of practice and expectations that exist for paper correspondence.

Full policy: Sec. 800-15: UCI Guidelines for the UC Electronic Communications Policy

For additional help with copyright issues, please see:

Sec. 800-16: World Wide Web Policy

Content includes:

  • Access
  • Appropriate use and content
  • Use of university name and seal
  • University website identification, visitor monitoring, advertising and endorsement
  • Acknowledgement of donations/contributions
  • Copyright
  • Personal web pages

The quality of information published by the University of California, Irvine plays an important role in determining and maintaining its reputation and image.

The University of California, Irvine makes its World Wide Web (WWW) servers available to support the mission of the University: teaching, research, and community service. WWW servers are also known as Web servers.

UCI Web services are brought together and organized by top-level campus Web pages. UCI's top-level Web presence is managed by the UCI Communications Office in conjunction with the campus Web Advisory Committee, which is chaired by the campus Director of Web Communications and includes representatives from the Chancellor's and Executive Vice Chancellor's Offices, Administrative Computing Services, Network and Academic Computing Services, and others as appropriate.

Full policy: Sec. 800-16: World Wide Web Policy