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Starting PowerPoint


This is a 2 hour workshop created for UCI instructors and TA's to learn the basic skills that you'll need to build a presentation. If you have been using older versions of PwerPoint, version 2002 and 2003 will be a whole new adventure. There are many new features and everything is now "graphical".

OK, let's go...

Create a New, Blank Presentation

To start a presentation from scratch, follow the steps below.

An Alternative: The Wizard

Instead of creating a blank presentation, you can use the Wizard.

Note: If you "loose" your Task Pane, go to the Main Menu and select View|Task Pane. Then, click on the small down triangle in the top left corner of the Task Pane and choose from the drop-down menu.

Save Your PowerPoint

Now you can save your PowerPoint presentation.

An Alternative: Save as a Show

To save the presentation so that it will automatically run as a slide show when opened from a desktop:

About Package For CD

New in PowerPoint 2003, Package for CD bundles all of your presentation's support files into one folder which you can then copy to a network server or CD. Examples of support files include linked files, audio files, and video files, and special fonts you may have included.

Uploading to EEE

Many instructors like to upload their PowerPoints to their EEE DropBox or Course Web Site via "EZE3". If so, it must be under 10 mb -- if it is larger, contact to request more space. If you choose the .pps format, your students will not be able to print any handouts. If that's a requirement, you'll need to upload the native .ppt file format and of course, any linked files will need to be uploaded too. If you have linked files, audio/video, or special fonts, use the Package for CD feature and upload the entire resulting folder to your EEE space.