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General Information


One of the difficulties of online quizzes is the increased likelihood of dishonesty.

Be aware of potential cheating methods, such as printing and sharing questions, using coursebooks and materials, working with friends, or having someone else take a quiz.

Once you are aware of potential cheating, you can make better decisions about how you want to use Quiz.


Faculty have primary responsibility for upholding and enforcing universitywide principles of academic honesty and integrity and explaining clearly these principles including any qualifications which may be operative in the classes they are teaching. Links to UCI's Academic Honesty Policy and resources for dealing with violations can be found at http://honesty.uci.edu.

Discouraging Cheating


Some potential methods you may wish to consider to counteract cheating are:

Add an Academic Honesty Statement

  • Students must agree to this before they can take the quiz.

Use timed quizzes

  • Limits the usefulness of utilizing texts and other class materials.

Use less predictable short answer or essay questions, rather than multiple choice

  • Requires more in-depth knowledge of the material.

Randomize question order

  • Decreases the advantage of taking the test with a classmate.

Opt to NOT display the correct answers

  • Makes obtaining a copy of a previous quarter's quiz less helpful.

Restrict the availability window to a smaller time frame

  • Reduces the opportunity for students to take the quiz for another student.

Have an in-class quiz occasionally, requiring an ID

  • Allows students who have kept up with the class material to demonstrate their knowledge while revealing students who consistently score well on take home quizzes but cannot perform when in a proctored setting.

Reserve a computer lab and supervise your students

  • Allows you to take advantage of the automatic grading and results of an online quiz, while minimizing the opportunity and chance of cheating.

Use online quizzes as ungraded diagnostic tools

  • Allows you to use Quiz to track the knowledge and progress of your students while reducing the motivation to cheat.

Use Quiz scores as extra credit when entering them into GradeBook

  • Reduces motivation to cheat.

Clearly online quizzes can present opportunities for students to cheat. However, talking to your students and taking some of the above actions can reduce the likelihood of dishonesty. There will always be students who will pursue dishonest routes in traditional or online instruction. The important thing is to be aware of potential cheating and proactive in your approach.

Real Life Examples

Reading Diagnostic

One instructor has let us know how he utilizes Quiz. He creates a short quiz for the week's reading, closing the quiz an hour prior to class. All students receive one point for participation, regardless of their answers. The results of the quiz assist him in deciding what information to emphasize during the lecture.

Tell us how you use Quiz!

Do you have any tips or tricks that have helped you successfully utilize Quiz?

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