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General Information


Quiz allows instructors and TAs to create and assign online quizzes to evaluate student learning.

Ask your instructor to use Quiz

If you think quizzes would be helpful in your class and you'd like to ask your instructor to use them, download, print, sign, and give this short letter to your instructor.

image of Quiz request letter to instructors

Download the quiz request letter (pdf, 455 KB)

The quiz request letter tells your instructor:

  • Why quizzes are helpful
  • How to get started quickly and easily
  • Where to find a step-by-step guide online
  • How to contact EEE support staff for assistance


Access Quiz

Accessing Quiz from the MyEEE page:

  1. Log in to EEE and go to your MyEEE page.
  2. Go to your "MyStudentClasses" module.
  3. If your instructor or authorized assistant has created a quiz for your class, there will be a link to it in your MyStudentClasses module for the particular class.
    If a quiz is associated only with your UCInetID instead of with your class, the "Quiz" link in your class module will not be available.

    MyStudentClasses module with Quiz

  4. Click the "Quiz" link for the appropriate class.
You should now be in Quiz for the selected class.

Accessing Quiz from the ToolBox:

  1. Log in to EEE.
  2. Go to the "ToolBox" link from the navigation bar.

    Image of ToolBox

  3. Click the "Quiz" link from the list of tools.
You should now be in Quiz.

Take quizzes

Taking a quiz:

  1. Access Quiz.
  2. Verify that you are within the "Quizzes to Take" tab.

    Quizzes to Take

  3. Locate the assigned quiz that you want to take.
  4. Click the "Take Quiz" link.
  5. Read through the quiz information and click the "Take Quiz Now" button when you are ready to begin.
    Your instructor can require you to agree to an Academic Honesty Statement, which you MUST agree to before you can take the quiz.
  6. Take the quiz, answering questions as indicated. When you have completed the quiz, click the "Next" button.
  7. At the confirmation screen, if you are you sure you would like to submit the quiz, click the "Submit Quiz Answers" button.
Your quiz should now be submitted.

Timed and untimed quizzes

A timed quiz is designed to be completed in a specific number of minutes. You will be notified of the time limit when you first view the quiz homepage.

The timer begins when you first click "Take Quiz" and continues even if you cancel out. Cancelling out of the quiz may jeopardize your timely submission. If you take longer than the time limit, you will still be able to submit your responses. In this case, the quiz administrator will be notified that you took longer than the allotted time for the quiz.

Single-Take Quizzes

If you cancel or close the quiz, your in-progress responses will be lost, and time continues to tick away. You will be able to re-enter and submit the in-progress quiz after the timer expires.

Multiple-Take Quizzes

If you cancel, close the window, or otherwise exceed the time limit without submitting your response, your in-progress responses will be lost, and your time continues to tick away. You can re-enter and submit the quiz later, but the total time recorded for the quiz will be the amount of time that has passed since you first clicked 'Take Quiz.'

Before taking a timed quiz, you will receive a message indicating the time you have to complete the quiz.

student's time limit

If you have exceeded a quiz's time limit, please contact the quiz administrator (usually your instructor or TA) directly to ask for a retake. The administrator may allow you to retake the quiz by deleting the record of the initial attempt from the quiz's results.

Password protected quizzes

If you want to take a quiz that has been assigned to you, and it requires a password, you will need to contact the quiz administrator directly if you do not know the password.

View quiz results

If the quiz administrator has chosen to allow you to view the results of a quiz, you will be able to see them immediately upon taking the quiz.

If the quiz administrator did not choose to allow you to view the results immediately, you will not be able to view the results until they have been released at a later time according to the quiz administrator's discretion.

Viewing quiz results:

  1. Access Quiz.
  2. Verify that you are within the "Quizzes to Take" tab.

    Quizzes to Take

  3. Click the "View Results" link located under the quiz for which you would like to view the results.
You should now be viewing the quiz results.

View participation history

You can view a list of all the quizzes that you have participated in and the submission dates for each quiz.

Viewing quiz participation history:

  1. Access Quiz.
  2. Click My Participation History.
    My Participation History tab
You should now be viewing your quiz participation history.


Retake timed out quizzes

You should contact the quiz administrator directly if a quiz timed out while you were still taking it.

Why can't I see any assigned quizzes?

If you do not see a quiz listed for your class when you log in to Quiz and go to either the "Assigned Quizzes" or "Quizzes to Take" tab, please verify the following:

If you are still unable to view the quiz, please Contact Us.

Why am I missing classes?

There are several reasons why classes may be missing. Some of the most common causes are listed below.

Common causes for missing classes:

  • You may be viewing a different quarter on EEE — Switch Quarters
  • Students: You may not be officially enrolled in the class — Student Access
  • Assistants: Your instructor may not have added you in Assistants — Learn More
  • Instructors: Your Department Scheduler may have not added you to the Registrar's Electronic Schedule of Classes (eSOC)

Use the Missing Classes look-up tool to check your status and receive trouble-shooting help.