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Use Rosters

General Information


EEE receives enrollment information from the Registrar and from Division of Continuing Education. Instructors and authorized assistants can use EEE Rosters to see the number of enrolled students (current as of 2 hours for regular enrollment, 24 hours for Summer enrollment).

Rosters links to the University Registrar's WebRoster, which provides:

  • Up-to-the-minute enrollment
  • Wait-listed students
  • Seating charts
  • Dropped students

Rosters also lists the names of any Access UCI students enrolled via Division of Continuing Education.

Where to get a class roster

Regular enrollment and wait-list information is available from the Registrar's WebRoster:
WebRoster is a separate system, which is not maintained by EEE; for WebRoster assistance, contact the Registrar (registrar@uci.edu / 949-824-6124)

Access UCI enrollment is available from EEE Rosters:

About Access UCI students

Access UCI students are enrolled through Division of Continuing Education — Learn more

Access UCI students are not listed in the Registrar's WebRoster because their enrollment is handled through Division of Continuing Education. EEE provides this enrollment information via Rosters.

Using Rosters

Access Rosters

Access the Rosters tool from your MyEEE page:

  1. Sign in to EEE and view your MyEEE page.
  2. Click Rosters.
    Rosters link
You should now be in Rosters.

Access Rosters from the main EEE page:

  1. Sign in to EEE.
  2. Click Toolbox.
    Toolbox link
  3. Click Rosters.
    image of roster link
You should now be in Rosters.
Teaching assistants may not automatically have Rosters access
Instructors can grant assistants access to Rosters via the EEE Assistants tool, which will synchronize with the Registrar to allow WebRoster access as well (allow 24 hours).

For more information, visit Assistants Help & How-to.

Assistant access to Rosters

Assistants can access Rosters if they are given permission.

Anyone with a UCInetID can be made an EEE assistant. However, only individuals with valid employee ID numbers in the payroll system can be given access to the Registrar's WebRoster.

If you are unable to add an individual whom you know to be a UCI employee, there may be a delay in processing new employee paperwork or a discrepancy in the payroll records. Please contact us for assistance, providing the UCInetID(s) in question.

  • Instructors can add EEE assistants using Assistants. Assistants allows an instructor to grant access to all tools or just selected tools.

    Complete instructions are available on Assistants Help & How-to.
  • Department schedulers can add assistants as instructors in the Electronic Schedule of Classes (eSOC). In this case, an assistant gains access to all EEE tools automatically.

WebRoster at the Registrar

About WebRoster

WebRoster is a separate system (not part of EEE) run by the University Registrar. WebRoster gives instructors and authorized assistants access to real-time enrollment and wait-list information.

WebRoster does not include Division of Continuing Education (Access UCI) enrollment. This enrollment information is available in EEE Rosters.

Rosters permissions are exchanged directly between EEE and the Registrar once per night. Authorizing assistants to view Rosters on EEE via the Assistants tool will automatically grant them access to the Registrar's WebRoster, and vice versa (allow 24 hours).

For questions or assistance with WebRoster, contact the Registrar (registrar@uci.edu / 949-824-6124).

Randomized seating charts

The Registrar provides randomized seating charts via WebRoster.

For questions or assistance with seating charts or other WebRoster features, contact the Registrar (registrar@uci.edu / 949-824-6124).

View authorization codes

The Rosters tool offers convenient links to the Registrar for viewing authorization codes for classes that require them.

The link to view auth codes for a class can be found under the WebRoster column in your list of classes.

auth codes link in Rosters

For questions or assistance with auth codes, contact the Registrar (registrar@uci.edu / 949-824-6124).


Why am I missing classes?

There are several reasons why classes may be missing. Some of the most common causes are listed below.

Common causes for missing classes:

  • You may be viewing a different quarter on EEE — Switch Quarters
  • Students: You may not be officially enrolled in the class — Student Access
  • Assistants: Your instructor may not have added you in Assistants — Learn More
  • Instructors: Your Department Scheduler may have not added you to the Registrar's Electronic Schedule of Classes (eSOC)

Use the Missing Classes look-up tool to check your status and receive trouble-shooting help.