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General Information


Survey allows you to respond to a survey created by campus faculty or staff. Surveys are very useful for gathering information and should be filled out as soon as they are available.

Surveys may be assigned through either your class(es) or your UCInetID. Surveys may also be made available to UCI or the general public.

Using Survey

Access Survey

There are several different ways to access Survey, depending on the participants:

  • Association by class:
    • Access through MyEEE or the ToolBox.
  • Association by UCInetID:
    • Access through the ToolBox.
  • Public and UCI-only surveys:
    • Access through the provided URL.
    • A password or UCInetID authentication may be required.

Accessing Survey from MyEEE:

  1. Log in to EEE and go to MyEEE.
  2. Go to your MyStudentClasses module.
  3. Find a class with an active survey and click Survey.
    MyStudentClasses module Survey link
You will now be in Survey.

Accessing Survey from the ToolBox:

  1. Log in to EEE.
  2. Go to the ToolBox link from the navigation bar.
    Image of ToolBox
  3. Click Survey.
    image of survey link
You will now be in Survey.
If you wish to take a survey that is available to the general public, but do not know the survey's direct URL, you will need to contact the survey's administrator directly.

Complete a survey

  1. Open EEE Survey.
  2. Find the survey you wish to take and click Take Survey.
  3. Review the survey instructions.
    You can find contact information for a survey by checking the box on the right side of the introduction window.
  4. The
  5. Click Take.
    image of take survey button
  6. Click Take Survey.
    image of take survey button
  7. Fill in your survey answers.
  8. When you are finished, click Next ».
  9. A confirmation page will appear. Click
    • « Back — to edit your responses.
    • Submit Survey — to submit your responses.
      image of yes submit survey
Your responses will now be submitted.

Change submitted responses

Once a survey is submitted your responses cannot be changed. Be sure to double-check that your responses are accurate before you click Submit Survey.

Complete a survey multiple times

You can complete some surveys multiple times, others you cannot, all at the survey administrator's discretion.

Be sure to read the information page given before taking the survey; it will contain important information highlighted in yellow, such as if the survey can be completed multiple times.

Are my responses anonymous or confidential?

Some surveys are anonymous, others are not, all at the survey administrator's discretion. Be sure to read the information page given before taking the survey; it will contain important information highlighted in yellow, such as if participant identification is associated with responses.

If a survey is anonymous, your response will be completely secure, with no way to associate it with your ID.

View results

Survey administrators may choose to let participants view results either immediately after submission, after the survey ends, or not at all.

There is a note on both the introductory information page and the successfully submitted page, which states when and if results will be available.

Viewing a survey's results:

Viewing a survey's results as a participant varies depending on the type of survey and its sharing options.

  Access results as a participant by...
Survey type Checking immediately
after submission
Visiting the URL Visiting the
"Surveys to Take" tab
(display results immediately)
Yes Yes Yes
(display results when Survey closes)
No Yes Yes
UCI Public
(display results immediately)
Yes Yes No
UCI Public
(display results when Survey closes)
No Yes No
General Public
(display results immediately)
Yes No No
General Public
(display results when Survey closes)
No Yes No
  • Checking immediately after submission:
    • A "View Results" link will appear on the "Survey Submitted" page.
  • Visiting the URL:
    • A "View Results" button will appear on the survey's given URL.
  • Visiting the "Surveys to Take" tab:
    • A "Results" link will be available for the appropriate survey.

View my participation history

You can view a list of all the identified surveys that you have participated in and the dates for each survey.

View survey participation history:

  1. Access Survey.
  2. Click My Participation History.
    My Participation History
You should now be viewing your survey participation history.


My survey requires a password, but I don't know it. How do I access the survey?

Sometimes survey administrators will restrict access to surveys with a password. Your survey administrator should have provided this password. If you do not know the password, please contact the survey administrator to ask for the password.

You can find your survey administrator's contact information in a box labeled Survey administrator contact information below the prompt that asks for the password.

image of survey contact

The contact information differs depending on who administered the survey, and the above screenshot does not contain the contact information for your survey.

Who do I contact if I have problems using Survey?

Technical Difficulties: Contact Us.
Survey Questions: Contact the survey's administrator.

Finding administrators:

  1. Access Survey.
  2. Locate the survey and click About.
  3. A list of the survey's administrators will be provided, along with email addresses.

Why am I missing classes?

There are several reasons why classes may be missing. Some of the most common causes are listed below.

Common causes for missing classes:

  • You may be viewing a different quarter on EEE — Switch Quarters
  • Students: You may not be officially enrolled in the class — Student Access
  • Assistants: Your instructor may not have added you in Assistants — Learn More
  • Instructors: Your Department Scheduler may have not added you to the Registrar's Electronic Schedule of Classes (eSOC)

Use the Missing Classes look-up tool to check your status and receive trouble-shooting help.