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Use WebsiteManager
Quick Start Primer Guides: Students, Instructors & TAs

General Information


WebsiteManager allows instructors and authorized assistants to create and manage class websites using EEE website management tools.

Use of WebsiteManager is subject to applicable University and EEE Policies.

Prepare your students: Class Websites Primer

If you will be using a class website in your class, you can help prepare your students with the Class Websites primer. The primer is a one-page document that is ideal for printing and distributing to your students in class, or linking to from your class website!

link to Class Websites primer

Download the Class Websites primer (pdf, 44 KB)

The Class Websites primer tells your students:

  • What class websites are
  • Why class websites are helpful
  • How to access class websites
  • What restrictions may be placed on a class website
  • Where to find more help

What is WebsiteManager?

WebsiteManager is comprised of four different tools. Using the four tools (listed below), instructors and authorized assistants with varying skill levels and needs can easily create and manage class websites.

  • EasyWebsite:
    • Use EasyWebsite to create a full, multiple page class website in as little as 60 seconds!
    • EasyWebsite's easy-to-use online forms let you add and update class information, files and links without need to use HTML or SFTP.
  • AdvancedWebspace
    • Use AdvancedWebspace to get unlimited web space and a template for a class website.
    • Once created, you may choose to use SFTP or upload and manage your website files through the basic AdvancedWebspace file management interface.
  • WebsiteLinker:
    • Use WebsiteLinker to link your class to a pre-existing website.
    • Link multiple sections or cross-listed classes to one website.
    • Link a class to a website hosted outside of EEE so that the default class link will redirect.
  • WebsiteCopier:
    • Use WebsiteCopier to copy an EasyWebsite or AdvancedWebspace website from a previous quarter, instead of creating an entirely new website from scratch.
When publishing content online, be aware of copyright implications.
It is very important to be aware of copyright implications when you publish content online and use EEE website management tools.

Important copyright information for instructors/TAs using class websites

Using WebsiteManager

Access WebsiteManager

Accessing WebsiteManager through MyEEE:

  1. Sign into EEE and go to your MyEEE page.
  2. Click WebsiteManager.
    MyInstructorClasses module Websitemanager link
You should now be in WebsiteManager.

Accessing WebsiteManager through the ToolBox:

  1. Sign in to EEE.
  2. Click ToolBox.
    Toolbox link
  3. Click WebsiteManager.
    image of websitemanager link
You should now be in WebsiteManager.

Change website options

You may change your class website option at any time. To do so, you must first delete the existing website for the class.

Each selected website option gives you the ability to remove it by clicking the corresponding "Delete Website" link located under the "Actions" column.

WebsiteManager then reverts to its default setting, allowing you to select a new website option.

Assistant access to class website management

Assistants can gain access to any of EEE's tools and resources, including WebsiteManager, in two ways:

  • Instructors add assistants as authorized assistants using Assistants.
  • Department schedulers add assistant names and employee numbers to the Electronic Schedule of Classes (ESOC).

After an assistant has been given access, the assistant may use any of the class website methods available on WebsiteManager to establish a class website.

Class website access for students

Students can access a class website in four ways:

Registrar's WebSOC: Searchable Schedule of Classes

  • Your class website will be linked from the Registrar's WebSOC whether you have used EasyWebsite, AdvancedWebspace, WebsiteCopier, or WebsiteLinker.
    A built, but unpublished class website built with EasyWebsite will not be listed.
  • Your class website link will appear within one day after you have selected your website option through WebsiteManager.

EEE Class Website Index

  • Your class will be linked from the Class Website Index whether you have used EasyWebsite, AdvancedWebspace, WebsiteCopier, or WebsiteLinker.
    A built, but unpublished class website built with EasyWebsite will not be listed.
  • Your class website link will appear in the Class Website Index one day after you have selected your website option through WebsiteManager.

Student MyEEE Pages

  • Your class will appear on student MyEEE pages for those students who are officially enrolled in your class.
  • Your class website link will appear on enrolled students' MyEEE pages as soon as you've selected your WebsiteManager option.
    A built, but unpublished class website built with EasyWebsite will not be listed.

Direct URL

  • Once your website has been created, you can provide students with the direct URL where it can be accessed.
    Example: https://eee.uci.edu/06f/99105
    Students who visit the direct URL of an unpublished class website built with EasyWebsite will not see the content, but will only see a placeholder informing them that the instructor has not yet released the website publicly.
  • You don't need to wait for your website to be linked from WebSOC, the class website index, or student MyEEE pages; as soon as you can see your website at its URL, you can share that URL with your students.

Delete class websites/remove WebsiteLinker links

At the end of each quarter, EEE locks old websites and prevents deletion. Many students browse old websites to get more information on classes they are considering taking. For this reason and others, we strongly recommend password-protecting a website or removing only those materials that may present a problem if left available (for example, answer keys or other information not initially disclosed), rather than deleting entire websites from previous quarters.
If a previous quarter website absolutely must be deleted, Contact Us.

Deleting a class website:

  1. Access WebsiteManager.
  2. Click Delete Website by the appropriate website.
    image of delete website link
  3. In the "Website Details" section, verify that the listed website and the associated files are correct.
  4. If you are using EasyWebsite, you will receive a single confirmation screen. If you are sure you want to delete the website, click Yes, Delete Website. The website and its files will be permanently deleted (Skip the remaining steps).
    image of yes delete button
  5. If you are using AdvancedWebspace, select a reason for deletion in the "Additional Information" section.
    Additional Information
  6. Click Request Removal.
    image of request removal
  7. You will be taken to the login window. Click Login after entering in your UCInetID and password.
    image of login button
  8. Verify the website information one more time. If you are sure you wish to remove the website and all its files, type "Yes" in the box provided.
    Confirmation Textbox
  9. If you are sure you want to delete your class website, click Yes, Remove Website
    Deleted websites cannot be recovered. You may wish to restrict access instead.

    image of yes remove button
  10. You will receive a confirmation and your website should be deleted within one hour.
  11. An email will be sent to you and any other users who managed the removed site.
  12. Once your website has been deleted, the link will be removed from WebSOC within 24 hours, and from student MyEEE pages and the class website index immediately.

Removing a WebsiteLinker link:

  1. Access WebsiteManager.
  2. Click Remove Link by the appropriate link.
    image of remove link button
  3. Click Yes to verify the removal.
    image of yes button
  4. The class will no longer be linked to the removed URL. The link will be removed from WebSOC within 24 hours, and from student MyEEE pages and the Class Website Index immediately.


Why am I missing classes?

There are several reasons why classes may be missing. Some of the most common causes are listed below.

Common causes for missing classes:

  • You may be viewing a different quarter on EEE — Switch Quarters
  • Students: You may not be officially enrolled in the class — Student Access
  • Assistants: Your instructor may not have added you in Assistants — Learn More
  • Instructors: Your Department Scheduler may have not added you to the Registrar's Electronic Schedule of Classes (eSOC)

Use the Missing Classes look-up tool to check your status and receive trouble-shooting help.