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Copyright & Other Considerations

Fair use & copy-protected content

The University is committed to upholding copyright law and also recognizes that the "fair use" doctrine is of special concern in education and research.

The Dean of Undergraduate Education has convened a committee to offer guidance to faculty on classroom use of copyright materials. Currently such guidance is available as an online tutorial from University Extension (http://learn.uci.edu/copyright/) and at the HumaniTech website (http://www.humanities.uci.edu/humanitech/copyright/copyright.html).

OIT provides resources and information about copyright.

EEE class website management tools include options for limiting access to website materials. These options can help instructors & TAs comply with copyright law and fair use, but are not necessarily sufficient in and of themselves; instructors and TAs are still responsible for ensuring that any content is posted lawfully.

Optional Restrictions EasyWebsite AdvancedWebspace
UCInetID login
Any UCI affiliate
Yes No
Course affiliation
Student, instructor, or assistant
Yes No
On-campus connection
Or authentication via VPN
No Yes
Site-wide password Yes Yes
Page-specific password Yes Yes

Instructor & TA content

General considerations

Any content on a website can potentially be used without permission. Website visitors can easily save individual pages, images, files and even entire websites. Although easy to do, using content without permission is a violation of copyright law. It is a good idea to clearly write out copyright expectations, so visitors are aware that content is not free-for-all. Also, reiterating copyright information on any protected parts of your website.

For help with free copyright licenses, visit Creative Commons, a non-profit organization which provides helpful copyright information, and flexible free licenses.


EEE WebsiteCopier allows instructors and assistants to copy EasyWebsite or AdvancedWebspace class websites. In order to copy a particular website, an individual must have WebsiteManager access to that website. However, just because an individual has WebsiteManager access and the ability to copy a website does not mean that the website's other owner(s) and/or co-creator(s) expect or wish to allow that individual to reuse the website content.

If you wish to reuse any content that you do not own exclusively, always talk to the original author or owner of the material first. Otherwise, you may be violating copyright law.

Student privacy

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulates the release of student information. It is critically important that protected student information not be posted in public locations, including un-protected class websites or classroom/office doors, even if listed by ID number.

EEE tools can help you distribute protected information in a secure manner.

If you are ever unsure of the legality of posting particular information, contact your school or department for more information, and remember that it is generally best to err on the side of caution!