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General Information


A class website can enhance classroom instruction and improve communication between students and instructors. This page provides examples of simple websites to illustrate effective practices.

To view real class websites built by UCI instructors, browse the Class Website Index. Please note that some websites may be restricted by password, to UCI affiliates, and/or to enrolled students. Instructors and TAs have full discretion over any restrictions places on their materials.


To make your website more user-friendly and increase its value, we offer the following suggestions.

Things to include:

  • Contact Information
    Add office hours, email addresses, and the best methods for students to contact instructors and assistants.
  • Class Information
    Make the times and locations of lectures and discussion sections prominent so students can quickly identify where class is held and avoid tardiness. Also, consider adding a course description to attract future students.
  • Calendar and Homework Assignments
    Add a calendar outlining the discussion topics for each week. Adding homework assignments to the calendar allows students to better budget their time and catch up if they miss a lecture.
  • Files
    Post a copy of the syllabus, sample exams, homework solutions, or other documents to provide students with valuable course information and make them more responsible for their education.
  • Updates
    Keep the website up to date! If a lecture is canceled, a homework assignment is changed, or a paper will be returned early, post it on the website's homepage so students can keep up with changes.

Things to avoid:

  • Unnecessary Images
    Avoid including images that add little or no content to the website and avoid using too many images. Excessive, large, or unnecessary images can detract from the focus of the website and even make viewing the website more difficult.
  • Poor Code
    If you are writing your own HTML code, you should attempt to make the code conform to World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards. W3C compliant code is more likely to display correctly across multiple web browsers, mobile devices, and be accessible to more students.
If you are using EasyWebsite, you do not need to enter any HTML and you can rest assured that the automatically generated code is well-formatted.


Tutorials and Workshops

Workshops are free classes offered each quarter. Workshops are primarily geared towards faculty and teaching assistants.

To learn more and enroll in available workshops, see EEE Workshops.

Other Resources

EEE provides various Help & How-to pages, including step-by-step guides for EEE tools, to assist in the creation and maintenance of your class website.



EasyWebsite allows instructors and assistants to easily create multiple-page websites, upload files and update content. EasyWebsite automatically generates tabbed links to navigate between your pages, all without the need for advanced SFTP and HTML experience!

sample of website created with easywebsite multipage


In this example:

  • Subjects are logically separated
  • Tabs are automatically added to keep navigation simple
  • Announcements are prominently displayed on the main page
  • Course files are made available for download
  • Homework assignments are separated and easily accessed via subpages

[View Sample]


AdvancedWebspace is designed for instructors and assistants with advanced experience creating websites manually. Instructors and assistants who create AdvancedWebspace accounts are provided with SFTP access to their websites and a basic template to manipulate by editing the underlying HTML code.

Sample of website created with advanced webspace


In this example:

  • Design does not detract from the site's content
  • Lecture topics and homework assignments are organized on the course calendar

[View Sample]