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The EEE Toolbox

EEE is UCI's course management system and your gateway to a variety of instructional technology tools.

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  • Welcome to Fall Quarter 2015

    Welcome to Fall Quarter 2015!

    EEE welcomes you to the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year! Here are some tips and resources to help you kick off the new school year:

  • Fall 2015: UCI Canvas Open Pilot begins!

    Fall 2015: UCI Canvas Open Pilot begins!

    Open Pilot for the Canvas learning management system begins for Fall Quarter 2015 classes! Instructors can now use EEE GrandCentral to directly create a course space in the UCI Canvas Pilot by selecting one or more classes and naming the course space.

    Additional information is available

  • Automatically Graded Quiz

    Use automatically graded quizzes to check for understanding and prepare for class

    Instructors can create a quiz on EEE that incorporates automatically graded multiple-choice and multiple-select questions. Each question and answer option can be enhanced with instructor-provided feedback. You can use a combination of these configurations to create a pre-class check for understanding, practice quiz for exam preparation, and concept review.

    For example, prior to each class session, Adrienne Williams, Teaching Strategy Consultant, assigns readings and requires students in her introductory biology class to complete an automatically graded quiz. This quiz checks for understanding and the results help her to tailor lecture material to the gaps in understanding of the students.

  • Canvas Pilot syllabus

    UCI Canvas Pilot Project Spring 2015 - Winter 2016

    The Office of Information Technology, in collaboration with units across campus including the Distance Learning Center, will be piloting the Instructure Canvas learning management system in 2015 & 2016. This pilot will test expanding existing EEE offerings with a commercial LMS (Canvas) to address the increased call for third-party integration and other enhancements, without compromising EEE's unique functionality, capabilities, and responsiveness to campus needs.

    The EEE team will continue to maintain and support the existing EEE toolset for the campus. Offering both EEE and Canvas will be a significant change for the campus and a great opportunity to increase our capacity for innovation.

    Our goal is to ensure that the UCI learning community continues to have access to the best possible learning environment. The engagement and support of instructors and students will be essential in achieving this goal.

    Learn more about the UCI Canvas Pilot at

  • Funding Opportunity for Online Course Development

    Funding Opportunities for Developing Online Courses

    Funds are available for online course development with proposals due March 31st.

    UC Office of the President Call for ProposalsLearn more

    The Innovative Learning Technology Initiative (ILTI) is accepting proposals for the development of fully online courses to be offered during the academic year across multiple campuses. Resources available from the ILTI program include instructional design help, hosting, and UC-system-wide enrollment. Proposals to develop a new course or modify the format of an existing course are both eligible. —Proposal Details

  • Use of Music in Course Materials

    Incorporate music into your virtual course

    Within a music course, there is no substitute for experiencing a performance, whether in an in-person environment (i.e. a studio or concert) or virtually. Amy Bauer, Associate Professor of Music, has developed a variety of ways to incorporate media within her course on EEE. To begin with, Professor Bauer has curated a collection of audio files, which are made available on her website. She password protects the site, so only those students enrolled in the course can access the media. Students are encouraged to listen to and comment on the recorded performances.

    Professor Bauer also incorporates audio into her quizzes on EEE. Questions within the quiz include links to audio files, which the students can listen to, then provide analysis within the quiz. For example, she presents an audio recording of a specific piece, then asks the students how many times a movement repeats.

    There are a number of tools available, which might help instructors with similar projects:

  • 2015 Instructional Technology Innovation Award recipients

    2015 Instructional Technology Innovation Award

    Congratulations to Professors Bonnie Nardi, Bill Tomlinson, and Don Patterson of the Informatics department in the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Science, recipients of the 2015 Instructional Technology Innovation Award. Part of the annual Celebration of Teaching, the Instructional Technology Innovation award goes to an instructor or instructors using innovative methods to provide enriching experiences for their students. "Professors Tomlinson, Patterson, and Nardi used everyday technology, like smartphones, to create videos that were used to illustrate class concepts in imaginative, but accessible, ways. Their efforts prove that when instructors use technology in an innovative way, their students rise to meet the challenge as well." –Shohreh Bozorgmehri, Director of Student and Academic Services, Office of Information Technology

  • Student Quote from Assessment Video

    Students' Words Resonate with Distinguished Faculty

    Relevance. Passion. Respect. These three themes emerged from a recent research project from the UCI Assessment Group. This informal group of faculty, researchers and administrators followed Richard Light's model in interviewing undergraduate students to identify student perspectives to improve the undergraduate experience. Student researchers and faculty interviewed 72 Junior-level students about memorable courses, instructors, events and topics around student engagement.

    The findings and themes that emerged are shared by three of UCI's distinguished faculty who provide their reactions in a video. You can watch these faculty present the students' words and respond to the themes of relevance, passion and respect on YouTube ( .

  • Custom library of videos

    Provide a custom library of videos using Replay Publisher

    Within each course, there are foundational concepts that students must understand before they can move on to the more advanced topics. These explanations are ideal candidates for a short video (i.e. less than 5 minutes) that can be used for a number of terms. UCI Instructors can use UCI Replay to record and publish videos that explain core concepts for students. The videos can then be organized for students using EEE Replay Publisher.

    For example, Simon Cole, Professor of Criminology, Law & Society, has developed a robust library of UCI Replay videos that are routinely published for each of his courses. The selection of video differs by course and is typically enhanced each term. By using Replay Publisher, Simon Cole presents his students with dynamic video material that helps them understand the important concepts within each course.