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The EEE Toolbox

EEE is UCI's course management system and your gateway to a variety of instructional technology tools.

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  • What's New for Fall?

    What's New on EEE for Fall?

    During the 2015-2016 academic year, the UC Irvine campus opted to adopt the Instructure Canvas learning management system. We are beginning a multi-year transition, developing an extended ecosystem of instructional tools centered around Canvas, with integrated homegrown and third party services expanding upon Canvas functionality.

    In the past year, the Office of Information Technology developed new enhancements to many of the instructional technology tools we build and maintain in the campus's Electronic Educational Environment (EEE), and Instructure developed updated Canvas functionality. Click here to see the highlights!

  • Innovative space for active learning at UC Irvine

    Innovative space for active learning at UC Irvine

    Instructors have been exploring innovative uses of the active learning space in Social Ecology 1, Room 101. Designed to facilitate interaction among students and with instructors, the space has been used for courses in Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Criminology, Law and Society, Earth System Science, Economics, English, History, Music, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Physics, Planning, Policy and Design, Political Science, Psychology and Social Ecology.

    Instructors have used the space to enable group projects, collaborative learning, interactive presentations and more.

    Here are just a few of the things students are saying about this learning space:
    "This new style of classroom makes learning more interactive because everyone can share screens and information with each other."
    "It's really lively and sets a good atmosphere for the class. All the discussion classes should be designed like this."

  • Distribute your syllabus as a video

    Distribute your syllabus as a video

    A class syllabus providing information about the course and articulating instructor expectations is often introduced during the first day of class, which takes valuable class time. Dr. Terry Dalton uses an innovative method to distribute this information via video recorded using Camtasia Studio.

    In addition to saving class time, the syllabus video is an effective way to provide late-add students with an introduction to the course. The video also provides a reference point for students to review as the course progresses.

    Learn More:

  • Automatically graded quizzes

    Use automatically graded quizzes to check for understanding and prepare for class

    Instructors can create a quiz on EEE or EEE Canvas that incorporates automatically graded multiple-choice and multiple-select questions. Each question and answer option can be enhanced with instructor-provided feedback. You can use a combination of these configurations to create a pre-class check for understanding, practice quiz for exam preparation, and concept review.

    For example, prior to each class session, Adrienne Williams, Teaching Strategy Consultant, assigns readings and requires students in her introductory biology class to complete an automatically graded quiz. This quiz checks for understanding and the results help her to tailor lecture material to the gaps in understanding of the students.