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EEE is UCI's course management system and your gateway to a variety of instructional technology tools.

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  • Password Changes

    Annual UCInetID Password Changes Required

    As part of UCI's efforts to increase security, you are now required to change your UCInetID password annually. Beginning Winter 2016, you will receive a password change notification via email if your password has not been changed in more than 11 months. You will have until the end of the month to change your password or risk having your UCInetID deactivated. You will receive two more reminder emails. Deactivated UCInetIDs will need to be reactivated with a new password before they can be used again.

    You can change your UCInetID password at

    Here are some tips for selecting a good password:

    • Pick a password that has at least 8 characters
    • Include one upper case alpabetic character and one lower case alphabetic character
    • Do not use alphabetic or keyboard sequential characters such as "abcde" or "qwerty"
    • Including numbers and punctuation increases the strength of your password
    • Do not use any part of your name, forward or reverse
    • Think of a phrase and then use the first character of each word in the phrase, adding in punctuation and numbers
  • Winter 2016 Courses Available in the UCI Canvas Pilot

    Winter 2016 Courses Now Available on EEE and the UCI Canvas Pilot!

    Instructors can now use EEE GrandCentral to create a course space for Winter Quarter 2016 in the UCI Canvas Pilot by selecting one or more classes and naming the course space. Note that the Canvas Pilot is almost over; if you are an instructor who is interested in exploring Canvas, but have not already created a class, now is a good time to get started.

    Additional information is available

  • Students in a classroom

    Reinforce classroom learning experiences with co-curricular activities

    Working on the student newspaper, attending campus lectures and performances, and competing on engineering contests are all ways to build memorable co-curricular learning experiences into your education. An event is "co-curricular" when it complements or extends what you are learning in class. UCI offers many ways to enhance your education with mind-expanding and world-building experiences.

    At UCI, the Chancellor's Office has launched a major new co-curricular arts program. Illuminations offers free tickets and transportation to selected off-campus events. The program also sponsors on-campus performances and exhibits that link art and science, encourage reflection on the debates of the day, and foster inter-cultural exchange. Want to make co-curricular experiences into part of your curriculum? Students who attend 5 events can earn one P/NP unit through the Illuminations Colloquium.

  • UCI Canvas Pilot Update and Instructor Panel

    UCI Canvas Pilot Updates & Instructor Panels

    More than 45% of students, along with over 300 instructors and 180 TAs, are participating in the UCI Canvas Pilot in Fall Quarter 2015 for an opportunity to provide feedback into the future of instructional technology at UC Irvine. The results so far strongly suggest Canvas adoption is in our future and Fall may be the deciding quarter.

    On October 14, 2015 and November 18, 2015, OIT hosted two separate events that included a project update and instructor panel. You can learn more about each event on the UCI Canvas Pilot website (

    • October 14, 2015 Panelists: Zuzana Bic / Public Health, Jeanett Castellanos / Social Sciences, Franz Hernandez / Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and Kathie Levin / Academic English
    • November 18, 2015 Panelists: Max Chao / Business, Lora Mjolsness / European Languages and Studies, and Viet Vu / Education
  • Service Learning - Shaken Shakespeare

    Students engage in the community, while gaining valuable skills

    If you volunteered to tutor kids in your local school or church, or worked at a hospital or clinic, you were engaged in service-learning. Put simply, service learning is the application of classroom learning in creative ways in the community. In addition to engaging the community, students who complete service learning acquire practical and meaningful experience. At UCI, the School of Social Sciences and the Cross-Cultural Center sponsor service-learning opportunities. You can even serve-and-learn abroad!

    In the School of Humanities, students can earn academic credits and intern at the Bowers Kidseum in Santa Ana starting this fall, through the Humanities Out There (H.O.T.) program. Students involved in the H.O.T. Bowers Kidseum help kids with homework, supervise art projects, and explore the holdings of the Bowers Museum.

  • Funding Opportunity for Online Course Development

    Funding Opportunities for Developing Online Courses

    Funds are available for online course development with proposals due March 31st.

    UC Office of the President Call for ProposalsLearn more

    The Innovative Learning Technology Initiative (ILTI) is accepting proposals for the development of fully online courses to be offered during the academic year across multiple campuses. Resources available from the ILTI program include instructional design help, hosting, and UC-system-wide enrollment. Proposals to develop a new course or modify the format of an existing course are both eligible. —Proposal Details

  • Turn your syllabus into a video and a quiz

    Creative ways to distribute a syllabus

    As an instructor, you are likely preparing for your Winter Quarter 2016 course, and looking for creative ways to distribute a syllabus! Here are a few ideas, which are used by instructors here at UC Irvine.

    Distribute your syllabus as a video — Dr. Terry Dalton distributes her syllabus via video recorded using Camtasia Studio. In addition to saving class time, the syllabus video is an effective way to provide late-add students with an introduction to the course. The video also provides a reference point for students to review as the course progresses.

    Create a syllabus quiz — To ensure that the students read and understand the important parts of the syllabus, create a quiz using EEE Quiz or Canvas Quizzes, and include questions about the key points. The quiz can be self-graded and available for multiple takes.

  • Mobile Version of EEE

    Access EEE via your mobile device

    The mobile version of EEE provides mobile-friendly access to commonly used EEE tools on a variety of devices. In addition, you can tap 'Other UCI mobile sites' to view instruction-related websites that have been optimized for mobile devices.

    The following items are currently included in EEE Mobile:

    • My Tasks
    • My Classes
    • My Grades
    • My Websites
    • RoomFinder
    • Contact Us
    • Use non-mobile EEE
    • Other UCI mobile sites