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› DropBox - Accessing and Using DropBox as a Student

DropBox is a powerful tool that allows students to upload assignments, download course documents, and share files with other students. - Learn More

posted: 02/11/14 - 02/28/14

› New to EEE Mobile: Grades

You can now check your grades on your mobile device, using EEE mobile. To see your distributed scores on a mobile device, you can open EEE mobile and tap 'MyGrades to see distributed scores, along with any additional notes, and statistics. —Learn more about EEE Mobile.

posted: 01/20/14 - 02/03/14

› New in EEE - MessageBoard Hidden Identities

Instructors can now choose 'Hidden Identity' instead of 'Anonymous' when creating their forums in MessageBoard. When posting with a hidden identity, a student will appear as 'Anonymous' to all classmates, but the student's identity is revealed to instructors and TAs.

Messageboard Hidden identity

posted: 12/18/13 - 01/17/14

Did you know? Timed Release of Webpages in EasyWebsite

Instructors now have extensive control over how and when individual pages within an EasyWebsite become available. —Learn more.

posted: 12/20/13 - 01/13/14

› New in EEE- Quiz: Academic Honesty Statement

Instructors, TAs and staff will now be able to add an Academic Honesty Statment to quizzes. Students will have to agree to it before being able to take a quiz. — Learn more

posted: 12/20/13 - 01/12/14

› New to EEE Mobile: RoomFinder

A recent update to EEE Mobile has added the RoomFinder tool. Students and Instructors can now search for UCI buildings using their mobile devices.

posted: 11/20/13 - 12/04/13

› New to EEE Mobile: Save & Keep Editing button to EasyWebsite

A recent update to EEE added the Save & Keep button to EasyWebsite. This update was created to ease use by instructors and course website managers.

posted: 11/20/13 - 12/04/13

EEE Use in the 2012-2013 Academic Year

Have you ever been curious to know how much EEE is being used across campus? How many hits the website gets? How much data is transferred?

We've prepared a report summarizing EEE use in the 2012-2013 academic year.

Learn more

posted: 11/05/13 - 12/01/13

› New in EEE: Custom Dropbox Zip

Students and instructors on EEE can now download specific files from a dropbox. By checking which files they want, they will be included in the download ZIP folder.

Custom Download from EEE DropBox

posted: 11/13/13 - 11/26/13

› New to EEE: Quiz Time Remaining

A recent update to EEE has added a "time remaining" feature to the Quiz tool. Instructors and Students will now see the time remaining on any open quiz.

Screenshot of Quiz Time Remaining Display

posted: 11/06/13 - 11/20/13