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Did you know? Accessing Grades on EEE

EEE Survey Tool Updated There are three main places in which you may be able to access grades on EEE: GradeBook, Quiz and DropBox.

It’s up to your instructor to decide which EEE tools to use, and what information your instructor would like to make available to you. Please note that all grades released on EEE are considered unofficial; official, final grades are released by the University Registrar through Student Access (a separate website) at the end of the quarter.— Learn more

posted: 10/07/13 - 11/01/13

› New Online Tools To Help Students Find the Services They Need

Have you experienced difficulty in finding available study rooms or cumputers? Well, your problems are now solved! The library offers 2 new tools available both online and on mobile devices to help students find what they are looking for with up to the minute accuracy.

Study Space Locator

Computer Availability Tool

posted: 10/11/13 - 10/25/13

Peer Tutor on Prewriting

Featured Video from the Center for Excellence in Writing and Communication

Becky King, a UC Irvine peer tutor talks about the power of brainstorming before writing. — Watch the video

See more videos on YouTube — WritingAt UCI.

posted: 10/07/13 - 10/21/13
Friday, October 18th, 2013

› Shocktoberfest 2013, Oct 18

ASUCI presents Shocktoberfest 2013 on Friday, 10/18. Events include:

  • Outdoor Festival - food, giveaways, games, costume contest, dance performances
  • Midnight Magic - kick off the NCAA basketball season
  • Concert - live concert with hip hop and rock artists
  • After Shock - street dance party with student DJ mixes from Electronic Dance Union

For more information, visit the Shocktoberfest website.

posted: 10/11/13 - 10/18/13
Friday, October 11th, 2013

› Irvine Food Tour (Northern Chinese from Taiwan)

Irvine Food Tour with Commissioner Melissa Fox
Hosted by UCI Professor Catherine Liu

Join the group for lunch at Four Sea Restaurant, serving Northern Chinese delicacies brought to us through Taiwan. Prof. Liu will make suggestions and answer questions while guiding you through traditional Taiwanese Cuisine.

Friday, October 11th at Noon
Four Sea | cash only |15435 Jeffrey Rd, Irvine CA 92618 | (949) 333-2704
Contact Professor Liu with additional questions (liu @ uci . edu)

posted: 10/08/13 - 10/11/13
Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

› Baserunner's Optimal Path

Baseball DiamondWhat is the fastest path around the bases in baseball? Could a student talk and a  little math lead to fame and fortune?

(The fastest path is something between the baseball diamond and a circle.)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013, Noon
Natural Sciences II, Room 1201

Pizza will be served.

posted: 09/20/13 - 10/08/13

Nervous about getting help?

Featured Video from the Center for Excellence in Writing and Communication

Wondering how to get help on an essay? Visit the Writing Center at the Ayala Science Library!— Watch the video

See more videos on YouTube — WritingAt UCI.

posted: 09/23/13 - 10/07/13

› Power Outlets in Lecture Halls

Students — Looking for a seat in lecture where you can charge your mobile device? Thanks to the eTech initiative, power outlets have recently been added to several large lecture halls. Look for the eTech sign on the seat back in front of you, or check out the diagrams below for outlet locations.

posted: 09/17/13 - 10/05/13

Earn student internship credit and enhance your resume!

The Center for Excellence in Writing and Communication is seeking highly motivated undergraduate students to serve as lead editorial staff for a new online publication, The Word Count, which will begin development Fall Quarter 2013. The internship is a 2-unit course and may be taken 3 times for credit.—Learn more.

posted: 09/04/13 - 09/18/13

› Now hiring - Student Assistant: Quality Assurance & Web Content

Gain valuable, real-world experience in a team-based environment!

Student Assistant: Quality Assurance & Web Content (1 Open)

We are looking for a student assistant to perform quality assurance, testing new and updated EEE tools, and to update web content.

  • Competency in basic HTML; strong writing skills
  • Familiarity with general web use and typical user interfaces; creativity & foresight anticipating user behavior

View Position Details

posted: 06/06/13 - 07/19/13