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Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

› The Hill - Author Series: John Gardiner of Coyote Blues

The Hill will be hosting John Gardiner on Wednesday, April 10 at 5:00 p.m.

This well-known poet in Southern California, will be reading from his new book of free verse and prose poems, Coyote Blues, and answering audience questions. Complimentary wine and cheese reception. Please RSVP online at

For more information, visit or contact Nikki Nakamura at 949.824.2084.

posted: 04/04/13 - 04/10/13
Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

”What Matters to Me and Why” discussion and lunch series

The "What Matters to Me and Why" series of informal discussions with respected members of our faculty continues April 10 with Professor Ngugi wa Thiong'o, a founding director of UC Irvine's International center for writing and Translation. Professor Thiong'o is a prolific author who has recently published "In the House of the Interpreter: A Memoir" —Learn more.

posted: 03/21/13 - 04/09/13

Homeboy Industries founder to speak at OC Gang Intervention Conference

Father Gregory Boyle, best-selling author and founder of Homeboy Industries, a nonprofit economic development enterprise in Los Angeles and the nation's largest gang intervention, rehabilitation and re-entry program, will deliver the keynote address at the fourth annual Orange County Gang Intervention Conference on April 2nd — Learn more

posted: 03/21/13 - 04/02/13

! Missing Spring 2013 Classes?

EEE programming staff are working to resolve an issue that prevents updated enrollments from appearing on EEE. Current enrollment information is available in Student Access, which should be reflected in EEE by the end of Monday, April 1.

Note: Publicly available course websites can be found using the "Class Websites" link

posted: 04/01/13 - 04/01/13

! EEE Downtime Complete as of 03/30 Saturday, 1:30pm

Please contact us to report any issues or ask any questions.

For your reference, this is information about the downtime that was posted the week preceeding the downtime:

EEE will be unavailable for scheduled systems maintenance for two days at the end of the Winter quarter, on Friday (3/29) and Saturday (3/30).

We recognize this is a significant disruption right before the start of the Spring 2013 quarter, and we carefully considered the importance of this update and its timing.

Why is this maintenance necessary?

The work we will be completing is critically necessary due to advanced hardware age and end-of-support for both the hardware in question and its operating system. If this work is not completed, we risk partial or full data loss requiring significant downtime of unknown duration, with uncertain results.

Why will this maintenance take so long?

To avoid file corruption and/or data loss during this process, it is necessary to have a full downtime (with no changes occurring to any EEE data) and we are estimating two days to complete the work and allow for adjustments for any unexpected issues that may arise.

Why were these dates, Friday (3/29) and Saturday (3/30) selected?

While we recognize how disruptive it is to have EEE unavailable right before Spring instruction begins, we have identified Friday (3/29) and Saturday (3/30) as the least disruptive two day period in which to perform this work because it will be 1) after Winter instruction, 2) after Winter grade submission, 3) over a holiday and weekend, and 4) before Spring instruction begins.

Friday 3/22 Winter final exams end
Thursday 3/28 Winter grades are due
Friday (Cesar Chavez Day; campus closed) 3/29 Downtime
Saturday 3/30 Downtime
Sunday 3/31 EEE available
Monday 4/1 Spring instruction starts

Are class mail lists affected?

Yes, class mail lists will be impacted by the two-day downtime.

Class mail list messages are routed through UCI mail services, then EEE servers. If you send a class list message during the two day downtime, it will bounce back to you from UCI mail services with an error. UCI mail services will periodically attempt to resend it, generating an additional error each attempt, until the EEE servers are available and the message goes through successfully.

While messages sent during the maintenance should ultimately go through, to avoid the bounce notifications, we recommend waiting to send any class mail messages until the system maintenance is complete, which it is expected to be by the end of the day Saturday, meaning your mail lists should be available in the morning on Sunday, 3/31.

posted: 03/24/13 - 03/30/13

Study participants needed - Psoriasis treatment study

The UC Irvine Department of Dermatology is looking for psoriasis patients for a research study to treat participants with moderate to severe psoriasis using an injectable medication — Learn more

posted: 03/14/13 - 03/27/13

Study participants needed - Atopic dermatitis study

The Dermatology Clinical Research Center at Hewitt Hall - UC Irvine Campus is enrolling atopic dermatitis patients who are 18 years of age or older for an atopic dermatitis study — Learn more

posted: 03/14/13 - 03/27/13

› Pause for a Cause: WIN $500! Deadline March 29th

It is that time of year again; UCI is hosting its 6th annual Pause for a Cause. Create a 3 minute video demonstrating the impact tobacco has on the environment and submit it for the chance to win our grand prize $500! Rules and regulations can be found at Co-sponsored by START, Health Education Center, and TGIF

For more information, contact

posted: 03/11/13 - 03/25/13
March 16th 2013 - March 24th 2013

West Peltason Drive Closure and Traffic Impacts

West Peltason Drive will be closed between Mesa Road and the entrance of parking lot 6 on Saturday, March 16. Traffic on the west side of campus will also be impacted from Wednesday, March 20 through Sunday, March 24 during the Pan Am Jiu-Jitsu Tournament at the Bren Events Center — Learn more

posted: 03/13/13 - 03/24/13
March 18th 2013 - March 24th 2013

LPGA Kia Classic Golf Tournament

On March 18-24 at the Aviara Golf Course in Carlsbad, California, the winner of UC Irvine Women's Golf will be playing in the LPGA Kia Classic. This is the only opportunity of its kind for collegiate players to qualify for such an LPGA event. Complimentary tickets are provided with UCI ID's. —Learn more.

posted: 03/21/13 - 03/24/13