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News & Events Posting Guidelines

Locations to Advertise

UCI has many locations for you to advertise your event, organization, or update. Each outlet has different requirements for posting, so make sure your post follows its guidelines.

  • UCI Today
    UC Irvine Today shows all current university news and information, plus the most comprehensive calendar of campus activities.
  • UC Irvine magazine
    UC Irvine Magazine is a quarterly publication produced for faculty, staff, alumni, students, parents, community members, and UCI supporters. To submit story ideas or suggestions, email
  • UCI Brief
    UCI Brief is a biweekly electronic communication emailed to faculty and staff, providing a digest of news items with links to websites for more information. Content should be very brief (1-2 sentences), accompanied by a web link to additional info. Content must be submitted by noon on Monday for consideration in Wednesday's issue. Send your submission to
  • News Briefs
    News Briefs is an online complitation of a broad range of UC Irvine new items. Most items are less than 200 words and must include web links and photos, if available. Send your submission to
  • ZotMail
    ZotMail is the electronic communication system used to transmit authorized buisness messages to selected groups of employees on the UC Irvine campus.
  • Student Electronic Broadcast System (SEBS)
    The Student Electronic Broadcast System (SEBS) provides school and campus administrators the means to send broadcast e-mail messages to students for official university buisness. To advertise on SEBS, you must first email the primary contact for the mailing list you wish to use.
  • ASUCI Marquees
    The primary purpose of the Student Government & Student Media Student Center Marquees is to enhance the quality of student life through increased communication to the general student population about programs, events, and activities.
  • Anteater Weeklies
    The Anteater Weekly is a weekly publication sent out to all subscribed UCI students informing them of club events, campus events, and departmental affairs. UCI affiliates who want to post information in the Anteater Weekly can submit events.
  • KUCI
    KUCI is UCI's own radio stations located at 88.9FM. To advertise on KUCI, email the KUCI advertising department at

Review Guidelines

EEE retains the right to grant or deny any request; decisions may be based on available space as well as content. For a good idea of content EEE generally posts, take a look at previous posts.

EEE will most likely not post:

  • Advertisements for unaffiliated and/or commercial organizations
  • Content for which there is an alternate, more appropriate location (ie: student club announcements, job openings)
  • Content in violation of copyright or any university policy
  • Posts for events or other opportunities that are limited / targeted to a subset of the campus community (such as events that are open only to students in a particular school, major, or program)

EEE may post:

  • Campus Updates — Important UCI events and dates relevant to a large number of EEE users
  • EduTech — Articles of interest to faculty, particularly on the subjects of education and technology
  • For Students — Student events, important dates and deadlines, volunteer or academic opportunities
  • Training & Seminars — Growth opportunities for faculty, staff, and students

Also note:

  • EEE may make or request revisions for reasons including but not limited to grammar, clarity and length
  • Post are assigned tabs and a small number are featured on the front page at the EEE content manager's discretion
  • Generally, closed posts are moved to the archive indefinitely

Contact Us

If you have reviewed the guidelines above and would like to request a post which meets all criteria, please send the following information to


  • Title (75 characters maximum)
  • Abstract (350 characters maximum)
  • Requested duration (start and end date and time; 2 week maximum starting at least 2 business days after your request is submitted)
  • Contact information for any questions (phone number and/or email address)


  • Extended post content (if the 350 character abstract is not long enough, we can post longer content on a separate page that will be linked from that abstract)
  • Any additional materials you would like to include (images, links to more info, etc.)