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EEE offers workshops for Faculty, Teaching Assistants, Graduate Students and Support Staff on
EEE Tools, Building Course Web Sites, Using Images, PowerPoint, and much more.

Dates Offered:
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    Please check back again or email eee@uci.edu for assistance.

MISC: F15 - EEE Workshop: Google Apps @ UCI

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The Google Apps @ UCI (http://www.google.uci.edu/) suite of tools (specifically word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations) runs in a web browser, and doesn’t require users to buy or install software.

Google Docs allows you access your documents from any Internet-connected computer — and we’re finding that for some users it has significant advantages over Microsoft Office products. Why? In our always-connected, just-in-time world, Google Docs offers effective real-time collaboration capabilities. In this workshop we’ll explore how Google Docs can work for you in collaborative projects, both in and outside of of the classroom.

We will introduce and build on Google productivity basics using other tools in the Google Apps @ UCI suite. Understand how to share schedules and take advantage of advanced calendaring functionality. Create a quiz or survey that collects data in a shared system. Automate quiz grading. Conduct virtual office hours.

Learn how to take your productivity to the next level with Google Apps.

Prior to the Workshop
Please setup your UCI Google Account. More information is available at http://www.google.uci.edu/


Stephen Franklin
Director of Academic Outreach
Office of Information Technology

Please Note: Workshop session(s) might be canceled if minimum enrollment is not reached.