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EEE offers workshops for Faculty, Teaching Assistants, Graduate Students and Support Staff on
EEE Tools, Building Course Web Sites, Using Images, PowerPoint, and much more.

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Misc - Retired:Creating Faculty or Lab Websites the Easy Way with WordPress

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This workshop will take you through the process of building and maintaining your faculty or lab website with UCIís installation of WordPress. This is a system that uses templates, themes, and a familiar word processor-like editor that makes it sensible for non-web developers to build and maintain their own sites.

This workshop is geared for Faculty who want to create and maintain their own web site easily, without having to know HTML or rely on others for updates.

Sign up for your faculty or lab website prior to workshop and work hands-on during the workshop.

Grad Students — Enrolling for 399 or another requirement?

Please note that we provide attendance certificates as a courtesy, but do not work with departments to design or schedule workshops and cannot guarantee a particular workshop will meet your department's requirements or be offered every quarter.