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Site usage growth

EEE started out small, hosting class websites for interested instructors in 1995.

The chart below illustrates the rapid growth that EEE has experienced in the participation of instructors, assistants and students. Note the dramatic increase in the number of course and class websites since EEE's humble beginnings, hosting only 10 websites!

[Growth graph] This graph shows the growth in the number of instructor-created class websites hosted on EEE by quarter. Starting in Fall, 1995 with 11 total websites, growth increases steadily with over 1,500 websites in Fall, 2006.

The number of class and course websites hosted by EEE has steadily increased every year. In Fall, 2004, 84% of all UCI students had at least one class with a class website and by the end of 2004 EEE had hosted nearly 4,000 class websites that year alone!

The original ten websites

To see how much the EEE class websites have changed, take a look at the original 10 sites hosted by EEE back in 1995:

Visit the Class Website Index and use the quarter selection menu in the top right to view websites from past quarters.

To learn more about EEE's growth and usage patterns, visit the website Statistics.