Elizabeth Losh
  "As forces of technological innovation and global migration impact universities nationwide, understanding the role of electronic and second-language literacy is critical."

Elizabeth Losh is now at http://losh.ucsd.edu

Welcome to this website that also represents the work of colleagues and students. I am the Writing Director of the Humanities Core Course at U.C. Irvine. I write about literacy, higher education, and composition pedagogy. My research specialty is digital rhetoric and the discourses of information culture, especially the study of electronic ephemera that expresses themes of nationalism or globalization.

The Humanities Core Course is an nationally-recognized interdisciplinary writing-intensive freshman course that enrolls over 1,300 students annually. The pedagogical emphasis is on collaboration and the integration of appropriate Humanities technology. The student body in the course is remarkably diverse: students speak over fifty different languages and dialects and range from basic writers to students in the Campuswide Honors Program.