Symposium: Careers in New Media and the Digital Humanities with Elizabeth Losh (10/24/2008)

Starting with the basics in creating a web presence. What's in your top page of Google results? ( Flickr images?)

1) Is the aim of using computational media and distributed networks virtuosity or collegiality?

2) Does one go indie or institutional? (issues about mobility, independence, cost, plausible deniability, bandwidth, domain poisoning, etc.)


Let's look at a range of examples among graduate students and recent PhDs.

The Genre of the Dissertation Blog: How much does one reveal?

danah boyd

Jane McGonigal's Best Sentence

Scott Kaufman


The Research Site: Is it a coherent genre any more?

Mark Bell

Mark Danger Chen

Jenny Cool

Nick Diakopoulos

Jeremy Douglass

Fox Harrell

Mark Marino and Critical Code Studies

Mia McIver

Jessica Pressman

Noah Wardrip-Fruin

Jennifer Hardy Williams

Aaron Winter


Marketing an Academic Brand:

Sarah "Intellagirl" Robbins


My Own Story

From the brand to the blog to the book

My CV and what's not on it (community service, activism, and parenting)

Blogging as a forum for analysis, commentary, and testimony and being part of the Sivacracy and Osocio teams

Why not to get obsessed with numbers and why to take links, tags, and titles seriously

Online video as chronicle: 2006 and 2007

Learning Curves and In-Process Works: Experimenting with new technologies at Media Manifesto

Teaching at different scales and degrees of collaboration: Humanities Core, a freshman seminar, and Digital Rhetoric (2007, 2008, and lessons learned)

The challenges of interdisciplinary research and the idea of Critical Information Studies

What not to do


Literature and Rhetoric


CCCC (Information Technology Cluster, Game and Social Network SIGs, and policy statements about teaching with technology)

Computers and Writing

Rhetoric Society of America

Other resources: Kairos, Computers and Composition, the TechRhet list, the Electronic Literature Organization, etc.


Communication Studies

International Communication Association (Copyright group)

National Communication Association



Center for History and New Media


Other Interdisciplinary Humanities

American Studies Association (Science and Technology Caucus, Crossroads, Keywords for American Cultural Studies, etc.)

Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association (Internet Cultures)


National Conferences

HASTAC: Humanities, Arts, Science, Technology Advanced Collaboratory


International Conferences

Digital Resources for the Humanities and Arts

Digital Arts and Culture (next conference at UC Irvine)


Social Sciences

Association of Internet Researchers

Society for the Social Studies of Science


Studio Art

College Art Association

Computer Science

ACM Hypertext




Sciwriter: Southern California Institute for Writing Technology Education


Software Studies at UCSD

The Mellon Seminar "What Is(n't) Digital Humanities?"

USC Institue for Multimedia Literacy


Cal IT2

The Future of Writing Conference

Philanthropic Organizations

Pew Internet & American Life Project

Building the Field of Digital Media and Learning from the MacArthur Foundation

Andrew W. Mellon Research in Information Technology and Scholarly Communications


The Cultural Conversation:

Institute for Distributed Creativity

Institute of Network Cultures


The Academic Context:

The Wired Campus Blog

Inside Higher Ed (look for work by graduate student bloggers)