V+V+V.  We say …_ …_...__ that is not only

V as a vow – and energy – to return to a habitable and conceivable world, Victory over the forces of regression and of death unloosed at present on the earth, but also V beyond this first Victory, for this world can no more and ought no more, be the same, V over that which tends to perpetuate the enslavement of man by man.

VV of the double Victory, V again over all that is opposed to the emancipation of the spirit, of which the first indispensable condition is the liberation of man


VVV towards the emancipation of the spirit, through these necessary stages: it is only in this that our activity can recognize tis end

            Or again:

            one knows that to

V which signifies the View around us, the eye turned towards the external world, the conscious surface,

            Some of us have not ceased to oppose

VV the View inside us, the eye turned toward the interior world and the depths of the unconscious


VVV towards a synthesis, in the third term, of these two Views, the first V with its axis on the EGO, and the reality principle, the second VV on the SELF and the pleasure principle – the resolution of their contradiction tending only to the continual, systematic enlargement of the field of consciousness

towards a total view.


which translates all the reactions of the eternal upon the actual, of the psychic upon the physical, and the account of the myth in process of formation beneath the VEIL of happenings.