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Elizabeth Losh

A Tale of Two Students: James Kotecki vs. Aleksey Vayner

An Accurate Portrait of Your Lives?

The Original:

The Remix:

Creating an Electronic Notebook

Zotero: It works with ANTPAC, Google Book Search,, newspapers like The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, YouTube videos, and academic publications like scholarly journal articles, conference proceedings, etc. You can also export bibliographies and notes for several automatically generated formats (including MLA and CMS) into Word documents. It also takes screen shots of your research sources.

Social Bookmarking Sites like Diigo and

News Readers like Netvibes or iGoogle and RSS feeds through sites like Technorati (but protect your privacy by using pseudonyms or a Google anonymizer)

Web lookup tools like Wordweb

The library also offers workshops on RefWorks

Student Bloggers

Student Blogs

Grad Student Blogs

Faculty Blogs

Some of the blogs I have written for: Virtualpolitik, Osocio, Sivacracy, Design Your Life, etc.

Student Video-Making

Student Videos for Digital Rhetoric at UCI

Student Videos from NYU 1 and 2

Student Videos from Kansas State

Examples of Faculty-Video Making

Alex Juhasz of Pitzer College and her YouTube Channel

People and Places

Humanities Instructional Resource Center (iMovie here)

You can borrow a camera from the HIRC or use their lab with webcams and microphones.

Interactive Learning Center (Second Life, iMovie, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, etc. here) Multimedia Resources Center (Second Life, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, etc. here) There's a campus video editing tutorial to help you.

There is a Multimedia Consultant - Adam Angeles-

Tools: (Free tools are hyperlinked. Some of these are also open source.)

Audo editing: Audacity

To convert files: MPEG Streamclip

Screen Shots: print screen for Windows or trial of SnagIt or for Mac use "grab" function or use the screenshot function of Zotero

Screen Capture: CamStudio, Camtasia (trial version), SnapzProx2 (trial version for Macs), etc.

Online editing: Jumpcut

Moviestorm and GameMaker

Other Tools, which I haven't used and so can't vouch for:

Flash to Quicktime: Vixy, Flvix, vConvert, etc.

DVD-ripping: Mac the Ripper, Handbrake, ffmegx

Ripped DVDs to Quicktimes: Cinematize, Streamclip, etc.

You can also take advantage of free demos of Adobe products such as After Effects, Premiere, Flash, Photoshop, etc.