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Al Qaeda Recruiting Materials

Al Qaeda Recruiting Video (parody)

America We Stand As One Video

America We Stand As One Parody

Art of Resistance

Art of Resistance

The Banner Art Collective

Baring Witness

The Blogs of War

The Borowitz Report

Center for Media and Democracy

CIA's Homepage for Kids

Dancing Bush (with new added apology)

Dean for America Game

Defeating Terrorism, Defending Freedom (Pulled Down)

Defend New York Flash Game

The Economists' Voice

Enron is Theatre

Free Range Graphics

Freedom Timeline

George W. Bush's Nigerian Spam Letter

Get Your War On

History in a Nutshell Powerpoint

History in a Nutshell Too

Homeland Security Ads

Independent Media Center

Informed Comment

Iraq Body Count

Iraq Flash Game

The Iraqi War Debate (University of Michigan)

Jib Jab

Kosovo Parody Video by Peacekeepers from Norway

Leaflet Gallery

The Meatrix

More Leaflets from Centcom

The Lysistrata Project

Mapping Baghdad

Mark Fiore's Animated Political Cartoons

The Memory Hole

MERIA Article (subsequently plagiarized)

Michael Moore

Mosaic Middle East News

Moving Image

The Onion

Personality Identification Playing Cards

The Poetry of Donald Rumsfeld

Poets Against the War

Poets For the War

Propaganda Remix Project

Ragdoll Bush

Red Panties for Choice

Right Wing Eye

Sacred Cow Burgers


The Site Institute: The Search for International Terrorist Entities

Stand with Us Flyers

State of the Union . . . Not Good or Bushwhacked or Presidential Address

Stop Esso (interactive)

Tariq Ramadan (runs better in Explorer)

Teaching, Terrorism, and Technology

Too Stupid to be President



War Toys

Where is Raed?

Where Next?

Writers on America (U.S. State Department)

The Yes Men

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