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Frequently Asked Questions

How often are my classes updated?

Fall, Winter, Spring: The University Registrar regularly sends updated enrollment to EEE. During high traffic, enrollment and course information changes on EEE may be delayed during peak hours (10am-6pm).

Summer: Summer Session sends enrollment data to EEE once per day, but it can take several days after an enrollment change is submitted (even if you have a receipt) for Summer Session to make that change in the data and this means it may take several days for EEE and the Registrar to get Summer enrollment changes.

When are new terms added to EEE?

Course enrollment and instructor associations will be made available in EEE as soon as the data is provided by the Registrar, which is typically after the 6th week of the previous term. For example, course information for Winter term will typically become available in week 7 of the Fall term.

Please see the Quarterly Academic Calendar from the University Registrar for more information.

Where does EEE get my classes?

Students: From the Registrar or Summer Session — Learn more
Teaching Assistants: From the instructor or department — Learn more
Instructors: From the department — Learn more