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The EEE Toolbox

EEE is UCI's course management system and your gateway to a variety of instructional technology tools.

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Instructional Spotlights

  • UCI Canvas Pilot Update and Instructor Panel

    Final UCI Canvas Pilot Update & Instructor Panel

    Since Spring Quarter 2015, UCI instructors, teaching assistants and students have been exploring Instructure Canvas, and providing feedback through formal and informal assessments. The results so far strongly suggest Canvas adoption is in our future.

    On February 11, 2016, OIT will host the final UCI Canvas Pilot Update & Instructor Panel. During this event, attendees will learn about Pilot feedback and assessment results, and have an opportunity to hear directly from UCI Canvas Pilot Instructors. The two panelists are:

    • Faryar Jabbari, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
    • Amalia Herrmann, Humanities Core

    RSVP for this event or request more information.

    To learn more about the UCI Canvas Pilot, please see (

  • Password Changes

    Annual UCInetID Password Changes Required

    As part of UCI's efforts to increase security, you are now required to change your UCInetID password annually. Beginning Winter 2016, you will receive a password change notification via email if your password has not been changed in more than 11 months. You will have until the end of the month to change your password or risk having your UCInetID deactivated. You will receive two more reminder emails. Deactivated UCInetIDs will need to be reactivated with a new password before they can be used again.

    You can change your UCInetID password at

    Here are some tips for selecting a good password:

    • Pick a password that has at least 8 characters
    • Include one upper case alpabetic character and one lower case alphabetic character
    • Do not use alphabetic or keyboard sequential characters such as "abcde" or "qwerty"
    • Including numbers and punctuation increases the strength of your password
    • Do not use any part of your name, forward or reverse
    • Think of a phrase and then use the first character of each word in the phrase, adding in punctuation and numbers
  • UCI Replay

    Replay your lectures, presentations, and more

    Instructors can create engaging videos for students using the streamlined UCI Replay service. You can record your screen, with optional video camera by clicking a single button in the free Techsmith Relay recorder. UCI Replay is also available on all SmartClassroom computers. Click 'Submit' to send the video to UCI Replay, where it is formatted and published for distribution. By default, the video will be processed into three separate types: web accessible, mobile friendly, and audio only. Learn more about UCI Replay in this overview video.

    Here are just a few of the ways instructors have used UCI Replay:

    • Capture the screen and your voice from an in-class lecture
    • Introduce yourself and the course to students
    • Connect the course content to your research with a technical presentation
    • Demonstrate a computer model or simulation that requires specific software or setup
    • Illustrate the process of research by recording fieldwork videos

    Instructors can distribute the UCI Replay recording URLs via email, using EEE Replay Publisher, or through Modules in Canvas.

    Visit for more information about UCI Replay.

  • Funding Opportunity for Online Course Development

    Funding Opportunities for Developing Online Courses

    Funds are available for online course development with proposals due March 31st.

    UC Office of the President Call for ProposalsLearn more

    The Innovative Learning Technology Initiative (ILTI) is accepting proposals for the development of fully online courses to be offered during the academic year across multiple campuses. Resources available from the ILTI program include instructional design help, hosting, and UC-system-wide enrollment. Proposals to develop a new course or modify the format of an existing course are both eligible. —Proposal Details

  • Using iClickers to Create Rubrics

    Collaborative Rubric Development

    A rubric is a set of standards used to consistently give scores to an assignment. Rubrics provide a scale of points and specific criteria that must be met for each score. Rubrics can be used by instructors or, in the case of peer review assignments, students.

    Debra Mauzy-Melitz works with the students in her class to collaboratively develop a rubric, turning the activity into a learning exercise. Students suggest criteria, then use i>clickers to pick the most effective standards. Professor Mauzy-Melitz always reserves the right to play the 'instructor-card,' but she finds students generally propose very useful criteria. When the assignment calls for peer-review, the students are better able to evaluate whether the assignment has met the standard because they actively participated in the development of the criteria.

  • Mobile Version of EEE

    Access EEE via your mobile device

    The mobile version of EEE provides mobile-friendly access to commonly used EEE tools on a variety of devices. In addition, you can tap 'Other UCI mobile sites' to view instruction-related websites that have been optimized for mobile devices.

    The following items are currently included in EEE Mobile:

    • My Tasks
    • My Classes
    • My Grades
    • My Websites
    • RoomFinder
    • Contact Us
    • Use non-mobile EEE
    • Other UCI mobile sites