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› New to EEE Mobile: RoomFinder

A recent update to EEE Mobile has added the RoomFinder tool. Students and Instructors can now search for UCI buildings using their mobile devices.

posted: 11/20/13 - 12/04/13

› New to EEE Mobile: Save & Keep Editing button to EasyWebsite

A recent update to EEE added the Save & Keep button to EasyWebsite. This update was created to ease use by instructors and course website managers.

posted: 11/20/13 - 12/04/13

EEE Use in the 2012-2013 Academic Year

Have you ever been curious to know how much EEE is being used across campus? How many hits the website gets? How much data is transferred?

We've prepared a report summarizing EEE use in the 2012-2013 academic year.

Learn more

posted: 11/05/13 - 12/01/13

› New in EEE: Custom Dropbox Zip

Students and instructors on EEE can now download specific files from a dropbox. By checking which files they want, they will be included in the download ZIP folder.

Custom Download from EEE DropBox

posted: 11/13/13 - 11/26/13

› New to EEE: Quiz Time Remaining

A recent update to EEE has added a "time remaining" feature to the Quiz tool. Instructors and Students will now see the time remaining on any open quiz.

Screenshot of Quiz Time Remaining Display

posted: 11/06/13 - 11/20/13

New in EEE- Custom Photos

Instructors, TAs and staff will now have exclusive access to custom photos. Undergraduates will not have access to custom photos. This custom photo will be displayed in multiple places including, but not excluded to, Classmates, Evaluations, and MyProfile — Learn more

Step-by-step instructions in EEE Custom Photos Guide



posted: 10/21/13 - 11/04/13

Introducing Profile Photos on EEE

Profile photos are now available on EEE! Your profile photo will be shown to classmates and instructors, based on your release settings. — Learn more

For additional information, including background and policies, see Profile Photos on EEE.


posted: 10/21/13 - 11/04/13

Instructor Tip - Distributing Randomized Seating Charts

EEE Survey Tool Updated Instructors and TAs can create randomized seating charts using the University Registrar’s WebRoster. To protect students’ privacy, it is important not to post seating charts publically, which could improperly disclose students’ enrollment information.

This video will guide you through creating a randomized seating chart in WebRoster, importing that information into a spreadsheet document, and uploading that spreadsheet to an EEE GradeBook in order to securely distribute students’ seating assignments.— Learn more

posted: 10/07/13 - 11/01/13

Security tip of the month

This month's computing security tip –

Periodically change your passwords (Hint: The start of a new quarter is a great time to update your UCInetID password!) — Learn more

For more security tips, visit UCI Safe Computing

posted: 10/01/13 - 11/01/13

› 2017 Beloit College Mindset list

This year's Beloit College Mindset list is now available - learn about the incoming class of 2017

posted: 09/19/13 - 10/05/13