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EEE Use in Fall 2012

Download (pdf)

Have you ever been curious to know how much EEE is being used across campus? How many hits the website gets? How much data is transferred?

We've prepared a report summarizing EEE use Fall 2012.

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posted: 02/01/13 - 02/16/13

New service: Eater Evals launches with Fall 2012 faculty evaluation results

The ASUCI, Division of Undergraduate Education (DUE), and the Office of Information Technology (OIT) are pleased to announce that results for faculty evaluations are now available to students online. This new service was made possible by eTech (http://etech.uci.edu).

Access evaluation results through Eater Evals at:


The Eater Evals name was selected from entries submitted by undergraduate students. Congratulations to the two students who submitted the winning entry -- thanks, Drake (junior majoring in Biological Sciences) and Grant (junior majoring in Business Economics)!

Quantitative results are available only for Senate-level faculty members (assistant, associate, and full professors, as well as lecturers with security of employment), so not all instructors will be listed. No qualitative/textual responses will be displayed. Results will be available for 4 academic years, starting with Fall Quarter 2012. Faculty members can also opt-out of releasing their results to Eater Evals through the end of the 3rd week of classes each term.

For more information, check out the FAQ: https://eaterevals.eee.uci.edu/faq

posted: 01/23/13 - 02/06/13

Security tip of the month

This month's computing security tip –

Periodically change your passwords (Hint: The start of a new quarter is a great time to update your UCInetID password!) — Learn more

For more security tips, visit UCI Safe Computing

posted: 01/03/13 - 02/01/13

› Tomorrow's Prof - Teaching Students in Large Lectures

"This is my first trick for you," he told a noontime audience assembled around a conference table in the Mitchell Earth Sciences Building. "You want your students to be active; you've got to be a little passive."

Tomorrow's Professor Mailing List — How a Stanford professor liberates large lectures

posted: 01/11/13 - 01/25/13
Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Promoting Academic Honesty: UCI’s Online Tutorial (Colloquium)

November 15, 2012
3:30 - 5:00
AIRB 1030

In Summer 2012, UCI piloted a newly-created online tutorial designed to promote academic honesty in writing & research. Tutorial creators, instructors who used it, and administrators will discuss the results and their implications for teaching and the campus.

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posted: 11/13/12 - 11/15/12
Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

MOOCs, Open Courseware & the Traditional University (Colloquium)

November 14, 2012
3:30 - 5:00
AIRB 1030

What is the potential & philosophies behind MOOCs (Mass Online Open Courses) & Open Courseware? How do they diffe differ? Are they are reasonable alternative for non-matriculated UCI students? How can faculty teach and manage such courses? What about copyright?

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posted: 11/13/12 - 11/14/12

Instructional Technology Brownbag: iClicker 2: The Next Generation

Please join representatives from iClicker as they talk about the next generation of classroom response systems and how they might change your teaching here at UCI — Learn more

posted: 11/02/12 - 11/08/12

"How Students Undermine Their Own Performance…"

Oct. 31, 2012 3:00-5:00 "How Students Undermine Their Own Performance…" (Workshop) AIRB 1030

How do students' notions of learning & their abilities limit their ability to succeed? How to boost their performance? Seating limited; RSVP — Learn more



posted: 10/23/12 - 10/30/12

"Creating Engaging Video Content & Activities Using UCI Replay & Fuse"

Oct. 25, 2012 3:30-5:00 "Creating Engaging Video Content & Activities Using UCI Replay & Fuse (Workshop) AIRB 1030

Use video clips for problem-solving. Practice using UCI Replay & Fuse mobile recording software. Seating limited; RSVP — Learn more



posted: 10/17/12 - 10/23/12

Important message about course evaluations from DUE Dean Sharon Salinger

Sharon Salinger, Dean of the Division of Undergraduate Education, has an important message for faculty regarding course evaluations — Read Dean Salinger's message

posted: 10/03/12 - 10/19/12