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Access & Classes

Logging in to EEE

In order to use EEE, you must login with your UCInetID and password. The Office of Information Technology (OIT) provides a UCInetID to each person at UCI and that UCInetID can be used to login to a variety of services across campus.

How are instructor and assistant classes added to EEE?

Instructor classes — added by the department

Department schedulers enter instructor information in the Electronic Schedule of Classes (ESOC).

There are several ways a department scheduler can list a person in ESOC and these different listings have limitations:

ESOC function # ESOC name Listing on EEE Can give others roster access? Can submit official grades?
1 Instructor of record Instructor Yes Yes
2 Teaching assistant Instructor No No
3 Faculty advisor Instructor Yes Yes
9 Administrator Instructor; name hidden on MyEEE No No

EEE automatically updates as soon as new ESOC data is received:

  • In Fall, Winter, and Spring, EEE regularly receives course information from the University Registrar and updates your courses.
    Due to high traffic, enrollment and course information changes may be delayed during peak hours (i.e. 10am-6pm).
  • In the Summer, UCI Summer Session sends the data and EEE updates once per night at approximately 4am

Assistant classes — usually added by the instructor, but may be added by the department

Instructors can add assistants and (optionally) limit their access to specific tools using EEE Assistants. Assistants are added on EEE immediately. If assistants are given Rosters access, they will also get access to the University Registrar's WebRoster within 24 hours.

Sometimes department schedulers add assistants as instructors in ESOC, which gives the assistants full access to all EEE tools.

Assistants' access to tools is only controlled through EEE by instructors, not by department schedulers.



MyEEE is your customizable home page on EEE. When you login to EEE, MyEEE is typically the first page you will see.

MyEEE has three tabs. The first tab, My Classes, is where you will see your classes listed each quarter.

list of instructor classes

list of assistant classes

The second tab, Class Announcements, is where instructors and TAs can post important announcements for their classes.

image of announcement tab

The third tab, My Tasks, is where you can see the tasks such as quizzes, surveys, and chats assigned to you and the tasks you assigned.

image of my tasks

Other than viewing your classes, posting announcements, and checking your tasks, there is a lot more you can do on MyEEE — You can customize the content and layout, add your favorite bookmarks, post a personal profile to share with your students, and much more.

The EEE Toolbox

Each of the tools available on EEE are briefly described below. Detailed information about each tool is available in the Help & How-to.


Help & How-to

EEE Help & How-to provides comprehensive, step-by-step tool guides. Help pages also provide simple, one-page primers, plus lists of features & tips.

Other topics include:

  • Basic guides to software, such as Dreamweaver, PowerPoint, and iWeb
  • Help with different file formats (PDF, ZIP) and protocols (SFTP)
  • Answers to common questions and contact information for additional information on a wide variety of topics

Additional resources

EEE provides free workshops for faculty, staff, and graduate students during week three and week eight of Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters.

Topics include:

  • EEE Tools
  • Instructional Web Design
  • SmartClassrooms
  • Copyright and Fair Use
  • Audience Response Systems

If you can't find the information you're looking for, try the resources below or contact us.